Rob Pene, Marketing Entrepreneur, Encourages To Leverage Your Intellectual Property

Rob Pene, Marketing Entrepreneur, Encourages To Leverage Your Intellectual Property
Rob Pene, Marketing Entrepreneur, Encourages To Leverage Your Intellectual Property

On the heels of a global pandemic, many families and individuals are getting creative with how to approach life in the new normal.  There are obvious reasons to reflect on 2020 as a year of negative situations, a depressed economy, and shutdown stories. 

However, for others, such as marketing entrepreneur Rob Pene, 2020 was a year of creative problem solving and a plethora of opportunities.

Not only did the workplace pivot online, but so did the education system, some in the hospitality industry, and more notably entrepreneurship. 

When asked about the state of small businesses despite the lockdowns, Rob Pene shared that “value will become exceedingly more significant, if there is a clear and tangible impact provided” concerning the outcome of a transaction.  

Additionally, Mr. Pene commented how “the knowledge economy and a properly positioned intellectual property play, is the fastest way for ordinary people to do extraordinary things” in today’s online environment.

Mr. Pene was kind enough to share 5 ways to provide clear and present value so that anyone can earn extra income from the comfort of their home without the stress of overbearing bosses and office politics.

Understanding The New Normal Context

Before embracing the innate value in you, keep this in mind when starting the brainstorming process of what you have to offer and why people would want your help. Be mindful about downplaying your value.

This might be your first attempt at recognizing that the world needs to hear from you, but do not let that lower your confidence. The uniqueness of your life experience is the differentiating factor on how your offer will be intriguing.

The moment you realize this, the sooner you will establish the context of your world.  Normal is what you make of it.  

3 Easy Ways To Instantly Add Value

Since everyone has a unique perspective on life, there is massive value available for the marketplace.  Here are 5 ways to leverage your advice to help more people and get compensated for it.

Online Course

Create a free google account that will automatically give you access to a suite of online tools such as gmail, google sheets, google slides, and google docs.

Create a new google doc and start brainstorming about things you love to talk about and give people advice on. 

Think about the topics that your friends come to you with.  I’m sure you have friends and family who like to vent and spill their guts about a variety of things.  Think of those topics and group them into larger categories. 

For example, if your best friend hounds you about her manager at work and you enjoy giving her advice on how to handle it without being mean, then you can categorize this as “relationships” or “human resources” in the workplace. 

The ultimate goal is for you to have a list of 3-5 broader categorical topics that you can easily speak about to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. 

These will eventually become an online course you can create to provide value to the hundreds of other people who struggle with the same issues in their workplace.

Use an online tool like Nurture King to create your online course and CRM.  It will allow you to automate the selling and marketing process while giving you the freedom to scale at will and focus on helping more people.

Online courses are a great way to leave the 9-5 rat race and leverage your intellectual property in exchange for a fair value.

Individual Consulting Sessions

The beauty of having a healthy list of 3-5 broad topics you can easily talk about, is that you can do exactly that, schedule consulting sessions to help people solve their problems.

The bigger the problem you solve, the bigger the amount you can get compensated.  Not only will people pay for your time, but they will pay more for your expertise since it will directly alleviate the issue they’re experiencing.  

So how do you get started with consulting services?  Easy.  Just do it!!  The moment you embrace your uniqueness and go through the exercise of finding out what you like to give advice around will be the moment you can tell people you’re open to new clients.

Content Marketing

Use your mobile device to create video content, giving advice in blurbs.  Create a list of issues that you’ve given advice on or feel confident you can advise on, then create short videos that you can post on social media.  Post these valuable content pieces to YouTube. 

Rob Pene, Marketing Entrepreneur.

Your channel can serve as the main hub that you can send people to if they’re looking for more from you.  This will also serve as a direct illustration for potential clients to get indirect consulting, which helps to build rapport.

Rapport equals revenue.  Build rapport directly by engaging with your audience and indirectly through your content.

The Art of Dealmaking

Focus on providing value to as many people as possible.  However, everyone is NOT your target audience.  Now that you are clear on your intellectual property and the advice you’re able to provide, consider your immediate circle as your ambassadors NOT your clients.  As counter-intuitive as that might sound, it’s the fastest way to reach the right people.  

If you had an immediate network of 5 friends, would it be good for businesses to sell to those 5 people or would it be better to work with those 5 to sell to their immediate network of people?  The difference between the two scenarios is staggering.

Use your online course as a tool to leverage.  Leverage your consulting services and broker a win-win deal.  If you charge $500 for your online course, offer it for free to your close network in exchange for their endorsement of you to their people and give them a first movers discount.

There are endless ways to create deals but it won’t be possible if you do not have leverage and in this case, your leverage is your online course and consulting services.

Trust and Serve

You are inherently valuable.  When you can properly assess your gifts, talents, and experiences you are more likely to succeed because you’re aware of who you are and what you offer.

Trust in your uniqueness and serve the people who resonate with you.  The world is waiting to hear new voices and although it can be nerve-wracking, the risk is worth it.  

Visit Rob’s growth marketing agency for more tips and insights.

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