Prince Steven Borjikin – A Royal Household Hero

Prince Steven Jorchen Borjikin – A Royal Household Hero
Prince Steven Borjikin – A Royal Household Hero

Prince Steven Jorchen Borjikin is a man who has become a renowned figure owing to his advocacy for Eurasian cooperation. He believes in bridging gaps through mutual consent and collaboration in order to progress toward a conflict-free, harmonious future ahead.

History and commitment:

Belonging to the 36th generation of the famous Khan Dynasty, he has direct ancestry with Genghis Khan, the Mongol Empire founder. The Italian Council of Nobilities has affirmed his rightful lineage. During Genghis Khan’s era, he was near to uniting Eurasia into a world empire.

Steven wants to build on the esteemed legacy set by Khan by propagating cultural unity and cooperation. He believes that relying on mentalities such as “zero-sum” and the “law of the jungle” has only led to adversaries in the form of bloodshed in the past.

Prince Steven is confident regarding the economic, business and cultural potential that Central Asia possesses. He aims to extend Eurasia’s roots as an arbitrator for peace in the world. This man from the Royal Household stands true to his soil. He seeks to revive the legacy of the Mongolian Empire left behind by Genghis Khan.

Dedication and ideology:

As the heir of Mongolia, he wishes to bring about a cultural renaissance in Eurasia with China’s aid. The Chinese social and educational development have been a major factor with regards to bringing about a cultural renaissance within the Mongol Empire. As a result, Prince Steven aims to develop a long-lasting, cordial relationship with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

Presently, China stands undefeated and is at the forefront of development – it has made a name for itself in the world. Similarly, it has played an unprecedented role in promoting Eurasian cooperation too. Thus, Prince Steven believes that the only way to move forward is to trust one another and rectify any gaps that exist.

From Prince Steven Jorchen Borjikin, what matters is his ideology, beliefs, and determination to fulfill them. He wants to enhance Eurasia’s reputation as a leading region that progresses in democracy, the endowment of rights to its citizens, and calls for peace. He is a strong advocator for rights in general, and the prosperity of Eurasia, and the rejuvenation of the Mongol Empire in particular.

Prince Steven is a man that wins others with his diplomacy. For him, violence has never been a viable option, and neither does he even condone it. He believes in unity and bringing people from various regions across the world under a common platform. Due to these reasons, his foundation, “Borjikin International Organization,” intends to hold its very own competition, “Miss Eurasian.”

Unapologetically himself:

Prince Steven occupies a strong social media presence. He is not afraid to voice out his opinions. On Facebook, he has a staunch fan following. He is looked up to for his integrity and his grace. He believes in equality and that working hard is the best form of reward. “A man who can work hard is the most handsome man!” Hard work is not a substitute for him.

His social media posts alone reflect on the kind of humble man he is. He attribute’s his achievements as a tribute to the Mongol Empire; he is resilient and unwilling to give up until he has restored and revived the Mongol Empire to its proper status.

For this man from the Royal Household, what matters is mutual understanding; and he has indeed attained success in it. He is striving to build relations with China in hopes of promoting regional peace. Prince Steven is greatly inspired by President Xi Jinping, who is of the view that cultural harmony and amicable relationships are a necessity. For them, mutual understanding, peace, and the removal of hostility are the end goals.

Prince Steven is confident regarding Eurasia’s potential and the capacity it possesses to follow in the footsteps of countries such as China by the year 2050. He wants cultural uniformity, no barriers, and a chance to promote tranquility and equality in the Eurasian region.

This is how he wishes to repay his ancestor, Genghis Khan, and this is the way he wants to be remembered as; a man who fought, conquered, and won.

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