HERMEST: Turkey’s Top Hair Transplant Clinic

HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic.
HERMEST: Turkey's Top Hair Transplant Clinic

Many people have posed questions regarding hair transplants in Turkey, particularly to HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic. This is because, in Turkey, it is famous for the services it offers and the degree of satisfaction it has been able to lend to its customers.

Due to the institution’s credibility, it is indeed seen to be the best across the entire country. Bearing this in mind, Ms. Esra from Hermest Clinic in Turkey thought it is only necessary to answer your questions.

What prompted the existence of HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic?

In today’s world, albeit there is no shortage of services offered, one thing that does differentiate is the quality. For instance, there are a plethora of hair transplant clinics that entice individuals with their advertisements, and the results that they deliver at the end of the day are highly subpar.

This was something that even Mr. Harun, the owner of HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic, had noticed. Hence, with the assistance of some top surgeons residing in Turkey, he endeavored to build a transplant clinic that provides 100% satisfactory results.

If someone desires a Hair Transplant in Turkey, then Hermest is one of the best hair transplant clinics, then they should certainly be considering HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic. How Hermest has achieved a stellar reputation within Turkey has to do with a variety of factors.

For instance, the owner Mr. Harun was able to identify that many transplant clinics exceed their daily requirements for an operation. Thus, he has made sure that all the surgeons comply with the rules and regulations as having been set by him.

Can foreigners benefit from HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic?

Mr. Harun has made it easier for tourists to benefit from the hair transplants that Hermest provides. VIP cars are waiting specifically for patients to pick them up from the airport and commute them to a hotel room near the hospital. Üsküdar is the vibrant district in Istanbul where the patient is taken and assured of a memorable experience there.

Moreover, to facilitate foreigners throughout the process, 24/7 services are also enabled for patients via Whatsapp. Thus, HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic calls for a seamless journey for all its visitors abroad and within the country.

How is HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic different?

Mr. Harun and his vision behind this Hair Transplant in Turkey revolves around accommodating the patients amicably. Many surgeons and facilities fail to adopt an empathizing attitude with their visitors;

however, HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic operates out of the ordinary. They have staff and surgeons who are well-versed in delivering their patients a relaxing time throughout their operation and making them feel at home.

In addition to the above, Mr. Harun also strongly advocates that the hair transplants people opt for should be in accordance with their features. Often, some individuals do get the transplant done but later realize that it doesn’t suit them.

Here, what’s imperative is diligence, and guidance, which HERMEST fully understands and is, therefore, able to provide. They realize that awareness is necessary, and the patients should make an informed choice before agreeing on a certain hairstyle. For HERMEST, what matters isn’t the monetary benefit but their customer’s satisfaction.

No wonder this transplant clinic is considered one of the best in the entire country!

Is HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic affordable?

Hair Transplant Turkey, in particular, has become a preference by many owing to the cost-friendliness that the clinics provide.

In comparison to the accommodation and the living cost in European countries, Turkey is affordable; it brings low prices to the table while prioritizing the comfort of its tourists and locals above all.

Turkey doesn’t pay heed to the economic status of people and certainly doesn’t hold any discrimination against a certain class either. It welcomes all in its midst, and that is what makes it entirely special.

How does HERMEST Hair Transplant treat and monitor their patients?

There are around 80% of hair transplant clinics in Turkey in totality, and HERMEST is deemed to be one of the best. The surgeons over there can perform the whole hair transplant procedure in between 6 to 9 hours. After this, the patients are monitored for up to 3 days in case of any anomalies that may arise.

Once their timespan of 3 days has surpassed, the tourists and locals can go home. However, it doesn’t end here! HERMEST wants its patients to be happy and follow up with them for a year if any unwanted problems may surface.

Throughout the sea of clinics, and services that exist, what matters is how they can treat their consumers. The empathy and the adulation that they express towards their customers speak louder.

In this case, HERMEST undoubtedly remains unparalleled and has garnered immense public support via its heartwarming attitude and the quality that it has to offer. There is no denying that HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic indeed has an indisputable reputation and success in all of Turkey.

For more information about HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic, you can visit their official website:

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