Khalif The Promoter – A One of a Kind That Triumphs All Hands in Solidarity

Khalif The Promoter
Khalif The Promoter - A One of a Kind That Triumphs All Hands in Solidarity

In the office, he’s a force to be reckoned with, a fierce competitor, the new face of the Concert Promotions World, and one of the most talented and respected Concert Promoters. Out of the office, he’s a father, a brother, a compassionate philanthropist, a businessman, and one of the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet.

Khalif the Promoter, as his supporters affectionately call him, is undoubtedly in the prime of his life, building a robust brand and making a huge difference in his community, all while creating a powerful legacy.

Khalif the Promoter began his promoting journey in New Bedford Massachusetts in 1997 where he opened up a Hip-Hop retail shop with all the walls being graced with graffiti by Eden Soares. This shop was located on Kempton Street right in the middle of King Cutz and Sound City.

He built a live DJ booth that would feature NY Mixtapes DJ’s weekly, with his little brother from Farrockaway New York, DJ Tech Nyce being the daily DJ. He also ran a 7-week life-skills program for teenagers between the ages of 14-18 years of age out of the store.

Teaching them how to answer a phone, send and receive a fax, receive merchandise from the UPS, and so forth giving them a Certificate of Completion when successfully finishing the program.

Two months later he opened up a second shop in Martha’s Vineyard where his shop was visited by an array of celebrities such as Spike Lee, Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, Diddy, Fat Joe amongst other celebs and NBA players. He contributes his success both then and now to the Brooks Family who played a huge role in his personal growth as a G0d-fearing man who lead them by faith and vision.

Coming to terms with a really tough decision, he finally decided to leave New Bedford in 2003, the year when his right-hand man got murdered. But before leaving, he decided to promote a Bikini Bike Fest, in which the idea stemmed from the two watching the movie called “Biker Boyz”. As they watched the movie together, they came to a part in the movie where it was showing a scene of having a bikini bike wash.

They look at each other and said in harmony, “We Doing That”! Just months later, Khalif had accomplished promoting the bikini bike fest in honor of whom he called his little brother and the face of his then known company, 3 Point Creations, Ronnie “Riz” Brooks. (Khalif wipes the tears from his eyes) The festival was endorsed by the mayor, Mayor Kalisz, and sponsored by Coca Cola and Budweiser.

Since then he has vowed to keep his 2 feet glued to the pavement to keep alive the “Gorilla-Marketing-Tactics” him and Riz developed and would do together with the rest of the strong street team Khalif built.

The Magnetic, feisty promoter has become well respected, admired leader of his tribe, as well as the entire world that he travels, with his staff and board of directors that range in the geographical area from California to Rhode Island and all through the South. His admiration has even touched the international territory of South Africa. He is evidenced by his being motivated by being successful.

Although his career keeps him extremely busy, he stays true to a family that always comes first and matters above all. His parents instilled in him at a very young age, the importance of family, building quality relationships, education, and being a well-rounded and humble individual. Even with all of the accolades and success, Khalif is still a compassionate, caring person who would give a person shoes off his feet.

There are many words to describe Khalif the Promoter: mogul, superstar concert promoter, dedicated family man, effective leader, enterprising businessman, and admirable humanitarian.

And the reason why there are so many words is because of the values he has learned from his parents that allowed him to effortlessly be the dynamic person he is in and out of the office.

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