Meet Ibrahim Alkhatib, Vice President & Business Development at Cecilia Tech, Inc

Ibrahim Alkhatib, Cecilia Tech Inc
Meet Ibrahim Alkhatib, Vice President & Business Development at Cecilia Tech, Inc

How did he overcome the three biggest challenges he faced while expanding the company?

  1. Disruptions in global trade were the first thing that prompted him to switch from an import-based business model to one centered on domestic production.
  2. Second, they had to operate in all three markets due to erratic demand from the government, businesses, and individual consumers.
  3. In the end, PPE sales would fall steadily as the pandemic subsided, which is why they are focusing on new manufacturing capabilities that aren’t dependent on the pandemic.

What particularly is it about being an entrepreneur that inspires and motivates him?

They are creating something long-lasting and beneficial to the entire community.

What platforms does he most often use on social media to spread the word about his brand, and why?

They are exploring several new social media platforms at the moment. They are currently experimenting with social media, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In terms of paid advertising, does he have any prior experience? Is it effective?

It’s a part of a larger marketing strategy. It’s not the only thing driving revenue.

What kind of marketing strategy has been most successful for him and his company over the years?

In a generics market that’s already saturated, making it simple to get your hands on medication is critical. Purchasing should be as simple as possible for customers. His most challenging decision in the last few months was…
To hold on to inventory when many of our rivals were starting to go out of business.

Can he share some of his financial missteps (or things he’d do differently) to help others avoid them?

It’s not so much a blunder as it is an opportunity to learn. We held inventory that wasn’t packaged under their current house brand because they experimented with a few different brands.

What was the source of his first six-figure income?

After quickly responding to the global pandemic, they earned six figures by creating import and distribution channels for personal protective equipment (PPE).

What direction does he think it’s going in?

Manufacturing with a high degree of automation will result in competitive domestic products. They want to be on the cutting edge of the following significant technological shift.

What does he want his life to be like in five years?

He is making one of the biggest US manufacturing firms of the future.

What piece of software or web service makes Ibraham’s job easier?

For internal communication and collaboration, they rely on the Microsoft Office 365 suite from Microsoft.

What is his best piece of advice for a brand-new entrepreneur just starting?

The best advice is to welcome new challenges with open arms.

What is the philosophy behind his company’s products?

His brand’s philosophy is to produce high-quality and reliable products consistently.

What are some of his accomplishments?

Biggest federal supplier of face shields and goggles in the United States, with over 20,000,000 units produced and shipped.
● More than 7 million baskets/buckets
● a total of 1,200,000 stools
● 1,000,000 Dumpsters for Disposal of Waste
● a million ice chests
● 1,000,000 Cans of Dog Food

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