How This 21-Year-Old Started a 6-Figure Marketing Agency During The Pandemic

Shaira dela Peña started a 6 figure Marketing Agency
How This 21-Year-Old Started a 6-Figure Marketing Agency During The Pandemic

As the pandemic struck and the whole world went into lockdown and threw all hope out the window, 21-year-old Shaira dela Peña had other plans. She rolled up her sleeves and pushed past all the negativity to pursue her ambitions and create what she desired.

Turning passions into a dream:

Her ambitions were prevalent very early in college, where she discovered her thirst for all things media. Photography and videography became her haven as she grabbed every opportunity and challenge that was thrown her way.

Amidst her time in university, a new passion was born: business. A similar business had always been in her heart since childhood. She started by selling stationeries in Grade 3, which became accessories in Grade 6 and gadgets in college.

This passion for business arose from her love of finding ways to sell something where she could help other people return for the value she created. This shows that as she aims to serve people, all the work put in is performed to the best of her ability.

With time, her childhood hobby helped her discover a dream. She wanted to build a platform where she could uplift the lives of as many people as possible. She grew up believing that life is too short to be selfish and have everything for herself so giving back to people has always been of utmost importance.

Multitasking her way to success:

As early as freshman year, the young soon to be entrepreneur created her very own photo and video service, “Shutterlight Studios,” where her immense dedication began. She’d put in her all from attending government conferences to doing all the graphic work they demanded.

The most fascinating part was how she made time by getting work done between classes, shooting events after lectures, all while working in her part-time job. But it doesn’t end there; she had other ventures such as selling iPads and other gadgets between her classes and side hustles. This altogether is a difficult task at a tender age.

Shaira was clearly a hardworking and dedicated person because performing all these jaw-dropping tasks and working on her dream while being a full-time university student sounds near to impossible.

Dreams Really Do Come True:

Shaira graduated last June from 2020. She was part of the batch that had to graduate online in the middle of a pandemic in a time where sorrow and exhaustion were widespread. Sharia, however, was not one to give up too quickly.
She aimed to merge both her passions, media and business, and create something that could help people as much as possible and gave one final push a few weeks before her graduation. Finally, in May last year, she launched her own digital marketing company, “Shutterlight Digital,” which surpassed her old venture Shutterlight Studios.

What Shutterlight Digital does?

What began as a dream turned into a highly successful digital marketing agency at a fast rate? Shutterlight Digital is an agency that helps companies, regardless of what they’re selling, gain a better platform to ensure success. Digital marketing encapsulates all online media from advertisements to websites and helps give brands a greater audience.

Shaira specifically picked this venture because it helped her practice all her ambitions, and it created an avenue for her to help people. Her initial views on never being selfish and always assisting stayed with her till the very end.

Regardless of how much the agency helps her own, she has always remained true to her original values and continues to work with the company’s betterment as her first priority. The six figures are merely an added benefit for her.

They are in the mission of helping SMEs grow their business creatively forward in these difficult times. Even after the pandemic, no matter how long it will take, Shutterlight Digital aims to continue to help startups and seasoned businesses launch and grow in the digital space.

The success of Shutterlight Digital:

She walked into the business with ambitions so high that failure was near to impossible. Her determination helped the agency start with two client accounts last May, a big deal for a startup. After this, they were immediately hooked on the mission to launch their mission forward.

Today, Shutterlight Digital has helped over ten businesses from various industries, including food, auto, influencer marketing, cosmetics, medical, and many more. They aim to further expand this in 2021 with the same aim, helping more businesses grow their brands thoroughly and strategically through digital marketing.

The immense dedication and hard work poured into this agency caused it to reach a six-digit revenue as early as the second month after they launched. Achieving all of this in the middle of a global pandemic is highly commendable.

Shaira’s success proves that regardless of how impossible a task may seem if you pour your heart and soul into it and give it your all, you are sure to succeed. Hard work and dedication will always trump people’s negative opinions, and Shutterlight Digital is living proof. Shaira herself says that faith, grit, and a strong purpose is the way to becoming a successful business.

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