17 Profitable Barber & Hair Business Ideas in [2024]

Hair Business Ideas
17 Profitable Barber & Hair Business Ideas in [2024]

Hair glorifies the overall personality of human beings. Men usually keep short hair while women normally have long hair. Hairs are a big part of a human personality; it elevates the personality and makes a person look beautiful.

It is very important to take care of your hair, otherwise, it can ruin your personality. Hairs play a big role in the beauty of overall personality; that is why people are very conscious about their hair. If you are looking to start a new business today, you can also start a business related to hair.

Having your own business is very beneficial than other ways of income. A business can help you generate as much income as you want; it all depends on your efforts. If you are ready to put more effort into a business that business can generate more revenue.

The main motive for starting a business is to earn and that is only possible when your business is profitable; that is why it is very important to do proper research before starting a business. After doing proper research, you must finalize your niche and start working on it.

If you are interested in a business related to hair, there are a bunch of hair business ideas that you can start today and that can generate a decent amount of income.

Every business needs an investment and it totally depends on you how much you want to invest. These hair-related businesses can be started with low to high investment and you can scale it over time.

Some of the amazing hair business ideas are mentioned below; you can choose what suits you the best and can start your journey to become a successful businessman.

1. Personal Hair Stylist

A hairstylist is one who is very professional in taking care of your hair. Hair stylists give different styles to your hair and give them a unique and attractive look. Personal hair stylist has become a very popular profession and a business.

In this business, you can become a personal hair stylist for different people and you are supposed to guide them about their hair and style their hair for different occasions.

There are many professional people who need personal hair stylists because they have to look good as it is the demand of their profession. For example; actors, anchors, singers, journalists, sportsmen, etc.

Because of these professions, the demand for personal hair stylists is rapidly increasing and you can become the one and can style the hair of your clients.

There are many different styles of hair, and you can also use your creativity to give a unique look to the hair of your clients and can charge them accordingly. This can be a very profitable business as many customers are willing to pay a high amount just to look good.

2. Barber’s Shop

Barber’s shop is one of the very common hair business ideas but still very profitable. This business requires a physical store and different equipment, which means you need an investment. Barber’s shop is a kind of business that can’t go down as the demand for these shops is very high.

Everyone needs a haircut and they can go to a barber’s shop, which means the demand for this business is not going anywhere. You can offer different services in a barber’s shop such as; haircuts, beard trimming, styling, face massage, and more. You can also keep employees so you can give multiple services, but it depends on your budget.

3. Hair Massage Therapist

The demand for hair massage therapists is rapidly increasing. People are very stressed out in the modern world. Everyone is running very busy because of their professional life; basically, everyone is in the race to become successful and in this race, they are stressed and depressed.

This can directly affect the health of hair and can ruin the overall personality. That is why people prefer to go to a hair massage therapist.

A hair massage therapist is one who can help you to keep your hair healthy. Hair massage therapists are supposed to provide massage to the hair that can help you to get relief from headaches, migraines, stress, and many other issues.

Every other therapy business charges a lot from the customer and that is what makes the hair massage therapist business very profitable.

You can start this business now where you can open a physical shop and give hair massages to people and can charge a handsome amount from them.

4. Hair Extension Manufacturing

Hair extension is artificial hair that is clipped or glued to the hair. Hair extensions are becoming very popular as more people are getting interested in them. Hair extensions can upscale the look of your personality and make you look good. Everyone wants to look good and stylish and if they have any problem with their hair, they prefer to use hair extensions.

Hair extension is a great business opportunity as it has already become a billion-dollar industry. You can set up your company for hair extension manufacturing. Hair extensions are made of real hair or even using synthetic hair.

The demand for these hair extensions is quite high and you can manufacture them and can sell them to different hair extension salons.

Becoming the manufacturer of hair extensions can let you earn high profits as the hair extensions are quite expensive and still the demand is high.

5. Beauty Parlor

A beauty parlor can also be a very good profitable business idea. Beauty parlors are for female customers where they can get ready for different occasions. You can open a beauty parlor and give services to females that are getting married. You can provide hair styling for weddings and for different occasions.

Hair styling for weddings can be a very profitable service in a beauty parlor. Without a doubt, every woman wants to look beautiful on the day of their wedding.

They want their hair to look very attractive and unique and for this, customers are willing to pay more. This approach can be very beneficial for your beauty parlor business.

6. Professional Hair Consultant

You can become a professional hair consultant or you can open a clinic and hire professional hair consultants that will provide services to the customers, both can be very profitable but require a different level of investment.

A professional hair consultant is one who guides you about your hair and tells you how you can take care of your hair. In the modern world, people are getting awareness about hair and how it can get damaged due to which everyone is worried to keep their hair good and healthy. This increases the demand for professional hair consultants.

Starting a professional hair consultant business can be effectively very successful in no time and can let you earn a high-profit margin.

7. Hair Model

A hair model can be a very efficacious business idea with very low investment. Companies that produce hair-related products require hair models to showcase their products and run marketing campaigns for their products with hair models.

You can become a hair model by taking care of your hair. You have to work on your hair to make them look very healthy and attractive. Since different brands require hair models, you can be the one and can charge these brands according to your worth.

8. Hair Vlog

Starting a hair vlog can also be a great way to generate income and in the modern world, it can also be one of the very efficacious hair business ideas. In this business, you are supposed to start a YouTube channel or content page on any social media platform.

You will be uploading videos on these websites and in those videos, you will be guiding people about hair.

You will be sharing your experience of maintaining healthy hair with people through videos and will also share tips and tricks with people about good hair. In this business, you can earn through ad revenue and sponsorships. Many haircare products brands will sponsor you and will send their products to you.

 It may sound cliché, but in the digital world hair vlog can be a very effective business.

9. Production of Hair Accessories

You can also become a hair accessories manufacturer. There are many different types of hair accessories such as; hairbands, hairclips, hair chains, hair strings, and more. Most female customers buy such stuff as these accessories are used to give an attractive and unique look to the hair.

The demand for hair accessories products is increasing and this business can become successful quickly and can generate big revenue. The production business of these accessories requires high investment, but the profit margin is also big and can return your investment in no time.

10. Online Hair Extension Shop

An online hair extension shop can also be a really good business. Since the use of hair extensions is increasing and the global market share is also increasing, more companies are jumping into the hair extension business. but you can take an edge and start this business online.

To set up an online shop for hair extension products, you have to get an e-commerce website and social media accounts. You can sell different styles of hair extensions on your website and can generate decent revenue.

In this business, you don’t even need a physical store; you just have to get hair extension items from the manufacturer at wholesale rates and sell those on your website at market rates. This way you can earn a decent amount and can run a successful business.

11. Hair Color Products

There is a wide range of hair color products and the use of these products is also increasing. Aged customers are the main consumers of these products. Over time white hairs started to grow and that can make you feel much older.

Nowadays, even at a young age, white hair started to grow which can ruin beauty, which is why people use hair color products.

You can start a different business related to hair color products. Some of the options are; the production of hair color, selling hair color products in a store, and a salon where customers will get their hair colored. You can choose according to your investment and can start a business today and can earn decently.

12. Hair Blog

Blogs are getting very popular; many people prefer to read instead of watching or listening. You can start a hair blog for people who are very conscious about their hair and want to read. Blogging can be a very effective business and you can also earn big in this business too.

To start a hair blog business, you need a website where you will be uploading all the content. Your content will be related to hair and you will be guiding people about their hair. You can also take questions from people and guide them accordingly.

Hair blogs can earn through ad replacement on your website. Once your website is approved by Google, they will start running Ads on it and you can earn from there.

13. Haircare Products

The demand for haircare products is increasing very fast. The haircare products industry is already a billion-dollar industry due to demand and is projected to increase more in upcoming years. There are different haircare products such as; natural oils, hairsprays, hair wax, etc. These products are used to nourish your hair and give them a very attractive look.

You can start a business of haircare products. You can get different haircare products from famous brands and can sell those to different retail stores, or you can open your own retail store to sell these products depending upon your investment.

14. Hair Stylish Training Classes

Hair stylist training classes can be a quick way to get success. Many people want to become hair stylists and they are eager to learn; you can provide them with training and will charge accordingly. In this business, you will be providing training to different and leading them to become professional stylists.

First, you have to become an expert and then you can teach people and can make them hair stylists. If you don’t want to become an expert and you have a decent investment, you can hire different hair stylist experts and can open an institute. People can get admission to your training center and your hired experts will train people.

15. Haircare Products Packaging

You can also start a packaging business for haircare products. Every haircare product requires packaging so customers can take the products safely. When it comes to the best possible options for the packaging of haircare products, custom haircare boxes are the perfect option. These boxes can showcase haircare products uniquely using their numerous characteristics. Some of these characteristics are;

  • Unique Design
  • Custom Sizes & Styles
  • High-Quality Material & Finishing
  • Best Printing Quality

These features altogether deliver a unique experience to the customer and help the brands to grow effectively, that is why it is the demand of every brand and with your packaging business, you can fulfill this demand.

Custom hair care boxes can be one of the best hair business ideas because the demand for haircare products is not going anywhere and every haircare product requires packaging. So, the demand for these boxes will be increasing in the upcoming years.

16. Selling Hair Accessories Online

Online shopping is getting very popular, it is very easy for customers to buy different items online. They can sit on their sofas and by just clicking they can order anything they want from different online stores. You can also open an online store and start selling hair accessories there.

The hair accessories business is rapidly increasing as the demand for these items is increasing. Opening an online store of hair accessories items can be a very effective business idea and you can earn a decent amount of revenue.

You can also increase your sales by making official social media accounts and marketing your products there. Through social media accounts, people will get to know about your website and from there, they can purchase hair accessories.

17. Online Hair Designer

You can also become an online hair designer. You can take this business to a bigger level by putting in more effort and coming up with a unique design.

In this business, you can design different hairstyles and showcase them on your social media accounts. You can use your creativity to design unique hair designs; people can get inspired by these designs and can apply those in real life.

You can generate revenue by getting sponsorships from different brands and can also generate revenue from monetization of that particular social media platform. You have to gain followers to generate high revenue.


These are the authentic hair business ideas that can take your business to the next level. You can choose any business idea from the list that you think is better and also according to your budget.

It is very important to finalize the budget before starting a new business and properly researching your niche is also important. If you execute these business ideas effectively, you can turn into a successful businessman in no time and can lead the business world.

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