18 Authentic Candle Business Ideas that can Boost Your Income

Candle Business Ideas
18 Authentic Candle Business Ideas that can Boost Your Income

Starting a new business can take you through an amazing journey of ups and downs, and eventually reaching success. Owning a business can help you generate a solid income.

In your business, you are your own boss; you can run the business according to your approach, and you are not answerable to anyone. Everyone wants to start a business but it is not a piece of cake.

If you want to start a business, you need a big investment, you can’t start a business without having an investment and a team.

Since there are a bunch of business ideas that can be started with low investment, one of the best ones is about candles. There are amazing candle business ideas that anyone can afford to start.

Candles are used for different purposes and the core use is to light up the surrounding. Candles are solid flammable items that are made up of using different things such as; beeswax, soy wax, wick, thread, etc.

The early use of candles was around the time of Ancient Egypt. People have been using candles as a source of light since approximately 5000 years ago.

In the modern world, candles are still very relevant. Nowadays they may not be used as the main source of light, but they have many other different purposes. The candle industry is rapidly growing; for now, it stands at approximately 13 billion dollars and is a project to increase by 6% in upcoming years.

There are many different brands that are manufacturing and selling candles and have covered market share, but still, if you want to start a candle business, you can.

Business related to candles can be started with a small budget and can give you a high income. There are many outclass candle business ideas that have the potential for growth and can take your business to the next level.

18 Successful Candle Business Ideas that can Boost Your Income

1. Home Décor

Candles have become a big part of decorations now. Making candles for home decoration is a great business idea. People love to decorate their houses with different decoration pieces. A good-looking home can easily grab the attention of guests and even neighbors.

People really like when someone appreciates the look of their house. Candles can play a vital role in making the interior design even more fascinating. Candles can glorify the interior of houses and can deliver a very attractive and eye-catching look.

There is a big potential in this business idea as it’s a dream of every person to make their house look beautiful, and candles can uplift the overall look of the house.

2. Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are incomplete without candles. Candles are considered the essence of birthday celebrations. Candles are set up on the cake, and blowing candles is the highlighting moment of the birthday event.

Starting a business of birthday candles can be very scalable and profitable. Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday, and the demand for these candles is rapidly growing, and without a doubt, it will keep growing.

You can use your creativity to make birthday candles unique and attractive. You can come up with different ideas such as; colorful candles, candles in the shape of numbers, and many more. Customers are really attracted to the design of these candles, and since they want to make their birthday special, the demand for these candles is never going down.

3. Wedding Décor

A wedding is one of the most important events in everyone’s life, where 2 people get married to each other to start their journey of love, care, and support. Everyone wants to make this day even more special and that can be done by decorating the wedding hall attractively.

Candles of different styles and sizes can be used for decorating purposes. Candles can make the overall look very beautiful and can glorify the interior setup of a wedding.

There is a big market to cover when it comes to candles as decorating elements for weddings. This can be a great way to start a business, since everyone is supposed to get married one day, the demand for these candles will keep increasing.

4. Aesthetic Light

Candles were invented to deliver the purpose of light. They used to be the main source of light ages ago. But the modern world is very different now. There are different products that provide light; these products light up using electricity and are much better options than candles.

Still, many people prefer candles for different purposes. Many people use candles in their rooms, and on their desks to get a unique vibe.

Many people even prefer to keep candles in their bathrooms as these candles deliver an aesthetic look and feel. Candles give a very calm vibe and can make you relaxed and comfortable.

As candles are still relevant to many people, getting into the candle business and selling to customers who like to enjoy aesthetic vibes can be a great way to start a business.

5. Scented Candles

Scented candles are quite different from ordinary candles. These candles are also made up of using different substances such as; wax, wick, etc. along with these, the fragrance is also added to the candles. When these candles light up, they give a beautiful and peaceful fragrance.

The business idea of scented candles is very solid. Their fragrance is the core feature that can easily attract customers. Customers really like to light up these candles as besides delivering aesthetic looks, these candles also deliver calming fragrances.

6. Anniversary Celebrations

There are different types of anniversaries, and one of the very common and most celebrated ones is a wedding anniversary. This is the celebration of love between 2 people when they complete a year together. People love to celebrate anniversaries every year. The use of candles is very common on such anniversaries.

Candles are placed on the cake, and the couple blows out the candles together to celebrate their anniversary. Candles for anniversary celebrations are high in demand, and this can be an effective business idea.

You can make candles based on the anniversary theme, and sell them to couples. This can result in high-profit margin sales.

7. Soy Candles

Soy candles are made up of soy wax. This is a different type of substance from ordinary candles. Normally candles are made up of paraffin wax, and they also burn fast. But soy candles take more time to burn as soy wax substances last longer.

There is also potential in these types of candles as demand is increasing. People are liking candles that last for a longer period of time. Starting a business of soy candles can give a boost to your income and can help to generate decent revenue.

8. Candle Holder

 There are different types of candles that are also used for different purposes, but most of these candles need some sort of stand or a holder that can hold the candle properly.

There are many different types of candle holders such as; Candelabras, Hurricanes, Pillar, Candle Lanterns, and more. These handles are used to give the candle an aesthetic look and feel.

This can be a very efficacious business idea. As the candle industry is rapidly growing, it is very obvious that the demand for candle holders will also increase. In fact, this is a perfect time to get into this business. Getting into a business at the right time can give your company a sudden boost.

9. Office Décor

Offices are professional places for work. Every company tries to make their offices a better place so the employees can enjoy working there. Companies try different design strategies to make the interior of the offices very relaxing and one way to achieve this is by using candles as part of interior decoration.

A calming environment can boost the energy of employees, which is why companies prefer to deploy candles as part of interior design. Candles also help to give a unique and elegant look. Candles for office décor can be a great business idea and there are many chances of success too.

10. Restaurant Décor

Candles are widely used in different restaurants. Many restaurants offer candlelight dinners. During this dinner, the lights are dimmed down or even switched off in some cases, and the candles are placed on the table as the main source of light.

This setup gives a romantic vibe and creates a very soothing environment. Most couples prefer candlelight dinners.

The demand for candlelight dinners can be considered a business opportunity. You can start a business in which you make and sell candles to restaurants, and with a very low investment, you can become the owner of a profitable business.

11. Taper Candles

Taper candles are tall in size and narrow in shape. These candles are used for different purposes. They are very attractive in design, and also available in many different colors. Many people prefer to use these candles in their homes, offices, and even outdoors at night time.

Starting a business of taper candles can be very ideal. These candles can also be used for decoration purposes with candle holders, which can give them a very attractive look.

12. Customized Candles

Customized candles are unique in their characteristics. Customers can get these candles in any shape they want, and these candles can be used for almost every purpose.

Customized candles are the best business idea as there is big potential in this category. The reason behind big potential is very simple. These candles can be customized in many different ways according to customer demand.

Customers can get customized candles with these unique characteristics:

  • Unique Style
  • Different color combinations
  • Multiple ignitable threads
  • Custom size
  • Combination of different materials

All in all, these are amazing features that can deliver a boost to the business of customized candles.

13. Candle Labels

Candle labels are also very good business ideas. Candle labels are used on different types of candles; these labels describe the name of the candle, and also the details of the brand which manufactured the candle.

Brands require candle labels so they can share the details about the product, and these labels are placed on the candles.

You can start this business and can take the candle labels to the next level by using your creative strategies. You can create a small portion on these labels, where brands can print the name of the customers, which will give a special feeling to the customers.

Since this is a unique strategy, it can create hype in the market, and can easily become a scalable business.

14. Candle-Making Guide

Besides making and selling candles, guiding people about how to make a candle can also become a great business that can help you to generate decent revenue.

If you don’t want to start a physical business and still want to earn, you can do this by guiding people about making candles. You can create a YouTube channel and can share your knowledge about the candles over there. You can teach people how to make candles. Since many people want to learn this, you will be able to generate revenue through videos.

It feels gimmicky, but it can be a scalable business. Once people start to get to know about your channel, you can become popular and can easily make a decent amount of money.

15. Candles as a Gift

Gifts are different items that are given to the people you love on a special occasion. Gifts can make other people very happy; they can completely change their day and can make it better.

Candles can also be presented as gifts. Candles with a beautiful designs, elegant fragrances, and decorative colors can be a very special gift for someone who loves candles.

Without a doubt, the gift industry is rapidly increasing, so starting a business of gift candles can be very beneficial.

16. Candle Boxes

Candles are packed in different sorts of packaging, this packaging is the utmost requirement of every candle, so custom candle boxes are one of the best business ideas.

When it comes to candle business ideas, candle boxes are very relevant to it. You can start the business of these boxes as they are important for every type of candle. You can make candle boxes in different styles and in unique sizes.

Some of the eye-catching features of candle boxes are:

  • Decorative Design
  • Broad Range of Styles
  • Strong Materials
  • High-Quality Finishing

These features can help deliver amazing packaging, and this business can rapidly grow as it is the demand for every candle. It is very easy to take the business to the next level by selling candle boxes.

These boxes can help you to easily build a strong company image in the market even if the competition is high. Since these custom candle boxes are made up of 100% recycled material, they can easily help the company to spread a positive reputation among the customers.

17. Formal Events

Candles for formal events can also be a very stable business idea. There are different types of events that are based on different objectives. Most of these events also include cake-cutting ceremonies to celebrate the agenda of the event.

Candles can be used at these events. Blowing out candles is the official way to complete the event. Such events are incomplete without cake-cutting ceremonies, and candles are a must for such ceremonies.

Since there are a bunch of formal events, the demand for candles is not going anywhere, instead, it is going to increase more. So, starting a business based on candles for formal events can be very profitable, scalable, and beneficial.

18. For Traditional Purposes

The use of candles is not limited to happy events or celebrations. They are also used for different religious practices and also to follow some traditions. Lighting up the candles is part of many traditions that are still being followed by people in the modern world.

Selling candles for the events can be a good business idea because people are never going to stop celebrating these events, and without lighting up the candles, these traditional or cultural events are incomplete.


These are some of the amazing candle business ideas, if you are looking to start a new business, you must consider these ideas. These ideas are also affordable and less hectic. You can start your business in no time.

You can start your business with these cool ideas in a few easy steps, such as;

  • Choose a business idea
  • Setup social media accounts and websites
  • Get your business cards
  • Visit different stores and show them your product
  • Boost your brand online
  • Your business is fully ready

You can choose any idea from the list. It can be based on your level of interest and your budget. Using these authentic ideas, you can start making money, and increase your income.

Since the candle industry is rapidly making progress, these business ideas will be more relevant in the upcoming years, and you will see a spike in the growth of the industry.

Build your strong candle business by using unique tactics, and provide an amazing experience to the customers. 

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