10 Great Ways to Improve Delivery Service

Great Ways to Improve Delivery Service
10 Great Ways to Improve Delivery Service

Business owners who are dealing with daily shipping hassles will know how difficult it is to accept customer demands. You not only need to care about customers’ expectations but also look after your delivery team.

Since industry experts have predicted growth in courier and logistics services, it becomes necessary to perform the delivery process in an organized manner.

Especially those who are operating hundreds of deliveries should adopt modern ways to improvise delivery services. They can take benefit of a popular navigation app or the best routing app for multiple stops. Choosing the right app will help them handle delivery operations smoothly.

No matter how many business strategies you develop, if your clients are not satisfied with your service, you are likely to suffer a loss. Eventually, it may negatively influence your business.

In such cases, you should improve your delivery service before exploring your new strategies. Here, we have figured out 10 ways that will help you take delivery service to the next level.

So, let’s explore them without any further ado.

10 Practical Ways to Improve Shipping and Delivery Service

Here are the 10 efficient ways to follow in order to improve delivery services.

1. Set order priority

Business owners in a hurry to dispatch and hand over the parcel usually forget to set up priority levels. This may affect the entire delivery process, and customers may feel disappointed with your service.

Therefore, you must give priority to your purchased order while scheduling deliveries or preparing a route plan.

Once you set the priority levels for your deliveries, drivers will not get confused when they are out for delivery. They will know which packages they need to deliver first. This step would play a vital role in improving delivery services. Hence, you should set a priority when you schedule your deliveries.

2. Track your drivers

Drivers have a significant role throughout the delivery process. If you are unable to find drivers or fail to reach them, the delivery process may take a hit.

There are chances that your drivers may take more than usual to find the location. In such cases, you should have a driver tracking option to find them and deliver instructions.

Besides, driver tracking should be enabled on the customer’s end so that they can learn about the delivery status. By knowing the driver’s location, your clients would be ready to receive the parcel, and you may not have attempted deliveries.

3. Use delivery management software

Just like many popular logistics companies are switching to advanced tools, you too can take benefit of delivery management software.

It will assist you to gain more clarity on the delivery process by reducing paperwork. It uses an automated delivery process that does not have room for human errors.

Adopting the right delivery management software or planner can reduce your working time and accelerate delivery efficiency. The good thing is you can create a delivery schedule in advance and get optimized routes as well. Hence, you can improve your delivery service with fewer resources.

4. Adjust your driver’s break time

Since you often take more time in finding delivery routes, you are likely to adjust break time for drivers. This might affect your delivery process as drivers would show up late at the destination.

So, you should consider adjusting break or meal time while scheduling deliveries. This means your delivery process is not likely to get interrupted by drivers’ breaks.

5. Analyze delivery reports

Analyzing delivery reports can help you sharpen business strategies and level up delivery service as well.

As a business owner, you can closely look at your weekly reports or monthly reports. In this process, you will get more insights into delivery operations and you will find it easier to manage delivery resources.

Reports offer a better view of how your delivery teams are working and you can make changes accordingly. You can even inspect a driver’s performance and progress report on a daily basis.

6. Keep your customers updated

Once the order is confirmed, you can not keep your client waiting for a long time. When your drivers are performing deliveries, you can send customer alerts regarding the delivery status.

By doing so, your customers can learn how soon their parcel will be delivered. Also, they won’t be worried about their parcel in case your driver is stuck in heavy traffic.

7. Avoid delivery delays

Making on-time delivery is what most customers demand from your service. Also, getting parcels delivered in a timely manner helps you nullify delivery hassles.

That’s why you should prepare a delivery schedule in advance and share the optimized routes with your drivers. You can even use a driver’s app or navigation app to reach the location faster. As a result, you won’t have delivery delays.

8. Empower your drivers with an advanced app

Drivers usually depend on the navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps whenever they want to access routes. So, if you want to improve delivery services, it is recommended to use a reliable driver app.

A driver app will help them follow efficient routes, minimizing delivery time. It keeps the driver updated and provides instructions from clients or the backend team.

9. Don’t forget to collect delivery proof

When you hand over the packages on time, you should collect delivery proof, regardless of time and date. As soon as your driver has reached the delivery spot, they can collect the client’s signature on paper or record an e-signature.

This act will confirm that your driver successfully delivered a package and the client has received it. You can opt for an advanced route planner to capture ePOD directly from your mobile app.

10. Work on the client’s feedback

Business owners willing to improve their delivery service can analyze client-side troubles. You can ask your clients to fill out the feedback form at the end of the service. It will let you know the delivery issues faced by your existing clients.

Thereafter, you can take the necessary steps to improve the overall operational method. This small feedback from clients can significantly boost your delivery services.


Understanding these effective ways to improve delivery management, a big takeaway is to adopt advanced delivery management software. Basically, delivery owners should think beyond the traditional method in order to level up their service.

By switching to the fully automated process, you can improve delivery efficiency and set yourself free from working stress.

As we inch closer to the conclusion, we hope you got an idea of how to enhance your delivery process. If you want to upgrade your delivery service, we suggest you get delivery management software.

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