How Labels Can Help Health Workers Perform Their Jobs More Effectively

Labels Can Help Health Workers Perform Their Jobs More Effectively
How Labels Can Help Health Workers Perform Their Jobs More Effectively

A lot of people wonder how something like labels can help employees work more effectively.

It turns out these tags can benefit employees in several ways. The medical industry, in particular, can benefit from asset labels in various ways.

Fixed Metal Asset Tags on Medical Equipment

Doctors’ offices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals alike use various types of equipment to diagnose and treat patients. Considering the high cost of medical devices, numerous departments usually share, so multiple staff members use the same equipment.

What happens when a doctor or nurse needs a specific device, but it’s nowhere in sight? In some situations, there’s no time to search multiple rooms and floors for medical equipment.

By using fixed metal asset tags, employees can find the exact location of every device at any given time. That prevents them from wasting valuable time. It also ensures that patients receive prompt and quality care.

Tracking Equipment with Asset Labels

Medical equipment is incredibly expensive. If something goes missing, the organization takes a big financial hit. Even worse, medical professionals not being able to locate a particular device could put a patient’s health or even life at risk. Metal asset tags for equipment are a perfect solution.

Typically, medical facilities assign numbers to each asset. Those numbers then get entered into a computer that’s accessible to the appropriate personnel. If a nurse or doctor on one floor of a hospital needs a ventilator for a patient, they can look on the computer to quickly find its location.

Using Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags for Loss Prevention

Regardless of the type or size of the medical facility, things go missing. Most often, people accidentally put equipment and supplies in the wrong place. However, theft is also a possibility.

Either way, asset labels make it easy to find misplaced items and identify devices that someone stole. That’s because the computer system tracks the name of the individual who checked out or used the equipment last.

Safety is Paramount

To work effectively and provide quality patient care, healthcare professionals want to feel confident with the equipment they use. Especially for the medical sector, all devices must meet strict safety standards and protocols.

How does someone confirm that? This is another reason to use anodized aluminum asset tags. In this case, a medical facility might use one or more asset labels. One tag would display the current information regarding calibration or inspection.

A second tag might list applicable safety guidelines to ensure that workers use it correctly. Along with keeping employees safe, this bolsters the effectiveness of workers on the job.

Identification Purposes

It’s common to use tags or labels for identification purposes. For the medical field, that includes patient wristbands. These contain a barcode that, when scanned, confirms the individual’s name and date of birth.

Healthcare professionals can also see a patient’s prior and current medical history and the types and doses of medication taken. Other information might include past surgeries, allergies, and DNR (do not resuscitate) status.

That’s just one way the medical sector uses asset labels to ensure quality patient care. There’s a safety benefit as well. Hospitals always put matching bands on a mother and her newborn baby’s wrists.

Anytime the two get separated for things like bathing, exams, and so on, a nurse will confirm the information to reunite the baby and its mother. Sometimes, medical facilities even use anodized aluminum asset tags on wheelchairs and walkers.

For one thing, they track the particular asset. For another, they might contain a warning or instructions regarding proper use. Whether in the form of a wristband, a tag attached to a wheelchair, or a label on medical equipment, it comes down to two things: helping employees work more effectively and providing superior patient care.

Different Options for Indoor and Outdoor Asset Tags

For a quality, reliable, and long-lasting product, it’s important to have tags and labels manufactured by a reputable source. Experts can offer their customers an array of options.

For instance, they can create patient wristbands in a wide assortment of colors and sizes. Depending on the application, they can use different materials as well.

Quality Patient Wristbands and Metal Asset Tags for Equipment

Most medical facilities use the same types of tags. However, manufacturers can customize products according to what the customer needs. An example of how they do that is by using different printing methods. Here are two of the best.

1. Digital Printing

This method of making asset tags is the most common in the medical sector. The great thing about this process is that manufacturers can print designs and information on almost any type of material. That level of diversity makes them ideal for patients, equipment, supplies, beds, outdoor areas, MRI machines, and more.

2. Photo Anodization

As the name implies, this process is what creates anodized aluminum asset tags. For this, a metal-based photo goes through the anodization process. When complete, the customer has a durable product that’s perfect for many assets used in healthcare facilities.

Improve Overall Efficiency and Effectiveness with Customized Products

Whether you need 50 or 1,000 metal asset tags for equipment, we have the expertise to accommodate your needs. Identifiable Industries Limited specializes in creating tags, labels, and decals for all industries, including medical.

Call today and we’ll help you select the right product to enhance worker effectiveness.

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