How to become a successful leader in your company?

become a successful leader in your company
How to become a successful leader in your company?

Success is directly related to the quality of results that a leader consistently achieves. A leader is successful when he exceeds the objectives that the organization sets for him.

However, the truth is that objectives can be linked to many categories, from reaching a certain market share or achieving full customer satisfaction to contributing to a good organizational climate within the organization.

The results that a leader generates from those objectives are what makes him successful.

Likewise, the internal part of each person also plays an important role in achieving success, since they have had to have developed certain skills to be successful, such as proactivity; that is, he does not wait for the conditions to be ideal to act, but that he, regardless of the stimulus, “take the ball” in his hand to grow, advance and develop, without waiting for a boss’s order to do what he knows what has to be done.

It is about you “getting ahead of the game”, being very clear about what you have to achieve and, consequently, making decisions, even if, sometimes, they represent a risk; m ost Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve the result.

According to many studies and particularly based on what Dr. Covey mentioned in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the first characteristic of someone who is efficient and successful, is directly related to productivity.

However, aspects such as knowing how to manage time well or having a winning thought do not come second. Rather, it is like a car that needs four wheels to move.

The ability to communicate also represents a key factor; the ability to effectively transmit messages.

Successful people know how to build networks and to build networks it is important to be a good communicator, be empathetic, learn to identify the needs of others and learn to live in an environment where you can capitalize on “the difference” in your favor;

The fact that someone thinks differently from you is not necessarily an obstacle if you know how to capitalize it so that it becomes a resource in your favor.

Being close to people, in addition to having coordination or leadership skills; that is, a person with the ability to positively influence the people around him, are aspects that help a lot to achieve success.

Finally, it is about creating synergy environments, where, precisely, from the talent of a work team, the leader gets the best of each one.

Likewise, people who are successful are not only talented but deeply disciplined. Now there is a lot of talk about the term “the 100,000 hours”; In order for you to be an expert in something, you have to have invested at least 100,000 hours of work in it, which requires discipline.

Does luck have anything to do with achieving success?

Luck has to do with a series of resources that occur at a certain time. It is when we say in common language “… when the stars align positively …”.

But the truth is that, if the person is not prepared, even if all the circumstances are aligned, he will not be able to grasp the opportunity that is presented to him. The luck factor exists because it is a matter of probability;

Today, suddenly, the wind is in your favor and if, in addition, you are talented, that will take you faster to where you want to go. Or it may be that the wind is not in your favor, but you have the talent to get ahead.

In short, luck plays an important but not determining role. If we see it in isolation, it can lead us to situations that could be wasted due to a lack of discipline, productivity, and talent.

Finally, I consider that, currently, the meaning of success in the workplace has changed compared to previous decades. Success during the past century was solely linked to financial results.

Today we have learned that, although the above is still important, it must be complemented with relational aspects, which represents an evolution.

We no longer want to see only people who are doing well financially, but happy people, which projects a more comprehensive process of the word success.

As I mentioned, success has many variables, and a successful person is one who decently manages all these elements in favor of the objectives he has to achieve.

Success is an element that should always be on the radar and in the minds of executives and organizations.

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