15+ Best Chrome Extensions for SEO in [2023]

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO
15+ Best Chrome Extensions for SEO in [2023]

For the person starting in search engine optimization (SEO) or SEO experts looking to simplify their tools, Google Chrome browser extensions are the best way to go about it.

These are free-to-use, nifty little extensions that will make your SEO life a whole lot easier, and will help you go the extra mile; whether it’s for your latest client who wants their website on the top of the SERPs, or for the beginner who just wants to dip their toes in the SEO sea.

Allow us to look at the best Chrome extensions for SEO that you can get for your handy browser. Let’s get into it.

Here are 15+ SEO Chrome Extensions for Your Toolbar

1. Mozbar

Moz is already one of those superhero tools that every SEO person swears by, and if anybody is looking to get into SEO, Moz is the first tool that is going to come to mind.

Aside from the full-fledged application that’s used by SEO professionals, the browser extension gets you all the information you need at a quick glance, and important metrics are displayed in easy to interact with gauges. You can do a lot: export SERPs into a CRV file and then analyze the data yourself, and view common SEO metrics at a glance. Really great tool.

2. SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs

Another one of the SEO greats, Ahrefs is a contender with Moz for the best SEO tool that you can get out there. Ahrefs is an SEO tool that focuses more on keywords than other metrics, and the toolbar extension is proof of that. From website improvement suggestions to common SEO indicators that get overlooked often, Ahrefs does it all.

However, there is a little snag: the paid version, which is a whopping $99 a month, does all that and much more, making it the ultimate SEO tool. The free extension is just basic and doesn’t do much, aside from giving a beginner a look at what SEO is.

3. Mangools Chrome Extension

At $29 a month, many might consider Mangools Chrome Extension a steal, and we certainly agree with it. It is very intuitive and jam-packed with features that other competitors want a hundred bucks for.

However, one thing with Mangools is that only an experienced SEO professional is going to be making much use of it.

For newbies just getting into the game, Mangools isn’t a tool that would be suggested, as its learning curve is considered quite steep and while the tools are very useful, a rookie isn’t going to understand them, let alone get much use out of them.

4. Keywords Everywhere

As the name might suggest, Keywords Everywhere isn’t the all-encompassing SEO tool that we’ve discussed beforehand, but since keywords form the basic spine of the entire SEO effort, Keywords Everywhere redeems itself with its amazing AI that not only doles out keywords most close to what you’re looking for but also provides monthly search volume, traffic and many other metrics on them, giving you a one-look view on all the important metrics on a keyword that you might like to work on. And it’s quite pocket-friendly as well, starting from 10 bucks a month only, which gets you 100,000 search credits. Fantastic.

5. SEOquake

With SEOquake, you might be able to actually produce a quake within your local SEO club. It’s one of those tools that are free, so there’s a big positive here. It’s apparently from the wildly popular SEO company SEMrush, so you know it’s going to have some tricks up its sleeve.

You can do a whole bunch of things with SEOquake: view and monitor metrics like backlinks and backlink count, keywords and keyword density in a piece of content, and domain age, among many other things. SEOquake is a free tool so make sure you milk it to the end.

6. GrowthBar

GrowthBar might sound more like a really nutritious granola bar, but it really is an SEO tool that is actually quite a good tool for something that costs $29 a month.

For this, you get access to GrowthBar’s SEO tools, which help you explore the keywords in any specific niche, monitor and view the traffic and search volume on them, domain authority, backlink data, and a whole lot of other metrics and data types that are quite useful for SEO.

Also, GrowthBar is free for the first five days, but you can cancel your free trial any time you want.

7. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is another great tool that’s not exactly an SEO tool, but still is a pretty useful tool when it comes to building an SEO strategy.

For starters, SimilarWeb does what no other tool does: it gauges different SEO marketing strategies and tells what factors and metrics need to be worked on. It has a great comparison feature, where you can compare the SEO metrics of two different websites to work out why one is performing better and the other isn’t.

The paid version will also allow you to view the metrics of a website by just hovering above the tool icon. Starts at $199 a month, but it’s absolutely worth it.

8. WebMaster Tools- Bulk URL tool

WebMaster’s bulk URL tool is handy for removing URLs in bulk, which is apparently a thing in SEO. But yes, the tool is quite useful and has other features as well that relate to URLs. It uses Google search console removals to expedite this otherwise tedious, time-consuming, and boring process, and does so quickly.

Great for SEO experts looking for anything that shaves time from their routine, leaving them with enough time to do something useful and productive. A good tool costs $9.

9. SEO Meta in 1 Click

If you know anything about SEO, you will know that all things meta are considered quite important in optimization. Meta descriptions, meta-tags, the whole meta-shebang.

And SEO Meta in 1 Click is just the tool for that: aside from displaying all the main SEO metrics, you get a whole lot of information on any website’s meta descriptions, meta tags, and whatnot. More than that, it goes deep into the details: lengths, character count of titles, descriptions, headings, and a whole lot more.

It’s like a really good tool that many would argue suffers from a case of oversharing, as the metrics shared here are in intricate detail.

10. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a free tool that we think is a must-have for all those SEO aficionados out there, or even for the people aspiring to become one. It’s one of those tools that once you use it, you wonder how you were getting along without it. It makes everything a lot easier: on-page SEO analysis, done with a click.

SERP checking, and broken link checking, are all done in an instant with SEO Minion. It’s a browser plugin, and it will check everything on a website for you: internal, external, and no-follow links on every page of a website, and presents them in a nice, intuitive way to be monitored.

11. WooRank addon

For analyzing a website on the go, the WooRank addon is very good and useful. It monitors in real time a lot of things about your website or any other website you want it to monitor: SEO, user experience, dwell time, social media, and user traffic among many other things.

The addon will also give you little tips about website optimization and performance, which if you implement will result in some incremental gains for your website. Also, it’s not just restricted to Google Chrome but is also compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and a couple of other popular browsers.

So, if you don’t use Chrome, here’s another win for you.

12. BuzzSumo

Optimized more for content marketing than SEO, BuzzSumo allows you to research your competitors and understand their content marketing strategy and discover the top performers within your niche and which keywords are the highest ranked and have the most organic traffic on them.

From keywords to new content, BuzzSumo will help you identify top-performing content and will allow you to view different metrics about it: keyword layering, keyword density, etc. Everything and more with BuzzSumo, which we think is one fine content marketing tool.

13. Majestic Chrome Extension

Backlinking is the backbone of any good SEO strategy, and backlinking has been made easy by the Majestic Chrome extension, which enjoys a good reputation among the people populating the SEO industry.

For starters, every little detail and metric can be viewed and monitored with the Majestic extension, and it keeps a track of your backlinks and furthermore, which website would be the best for backlinking.

It only relates to backlinking, so it is usually advised to use Majestic with another SEO tool or browser extension since it will then complement the rest of the aspects of the SEO strategy.

14. Check My Links

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, and we won’t go into any much more detail on Check My Links other than the fact that for one, it deals with links, both broken and valid.

Number two, it’s free, so it won’t hurt your browser a bit; only your SEO attempts will be more knowledgeable now that you will have instant information on the links of a website as soon as you access it.

15. Google PageSpeed Insights

For real-time speed testing and optimization testing of a website, we would recommend Google’s own PageSpeed Insights, which is excellent and is integrated into a lot of other metrics and tools that Google’s suite gets you.

We recommend it because just like everything else that Google does, it is very convenient and does a lot of work for you. Displaying metrics, changing different preferences, and running analysis of any website with a single click is what it has to offer. Plus, it’s free, so, there’s another reason to own it.

16. Serpstat

The last tool on this list is Serpstat, which is an all-around tool for everything remotely connected to SEO. We’ve heard many SEO experts and professionals use it and recommend it to new users joining them.

So, why jump off the bandwagon? It’s far superior to many other new offerings in the market and does all the big-name tools for a fraction of the price. At $69 a pop, you can’t get any much more cost-effective than that. And Serpstat does all that far too effectively. A good overall tool for SEO.


To conclude, here we have some 15+ best Google Chrome extensions that you can and should get if you intend to get into SEO or are already a pro looking for some tools to further refine your trade and tool. These tools make it easy for you the SEO expert to do all kinds of things related to SEO, and if you can, you should look into them.

If you are interested in staying up to date with the latest SEO news and updates, I suggest checking out Market Media Connect. They have a team of experts who can provide you with the SEO services and information you need to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

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