7 Ways You Can Use Customer Testimonials In Your Marketing Emails

Customer Testimonials In Your Marketing Emails
7 Ways You Can Use Customer Testimonials In Your Marketing Emails

Customer testimonials are such a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Would-be customers are much more likely to make that final purchase if they see that others have, and have liked what they got.

As such, you’ll want to find ways to use them in your marketing emails. Here are some good ways to include those customer testimonials naturally, and increase sales.

1. Use User Generated Content

While traditional customer reviews are really important, you should also look at including user-generated content, or UGC, too. This is anything that a customer has shared about you online, such as on social media. The benefit here is that they will include other media too, such as pictures and videos.

You can very easily include this content in the footer of your emails. A few small, short reviews of your product will go a long way. They’ll also encourage the customer to get involved and talk about you online, too.

2. Use Short Reviews

Remember that when you’ve got a customer to open an email, you won’t have long to wow them. Your customers will want to read short reviews on your product. They want to get the quick lowdown as they don’t have much time to read them.

As such, keep those reviews short and sweet in your emails. They should be a couple of sentences at most and get across what you want the customer to know. Do they show that you’re better than the other brands, that you’re good value, and that the customer can trust you? If so, they’re the reviews you should pick out to use.

3. Share Success Stories

If your customer is nearing the bottom of the sales funnel and you want to make the final push, you’ll need to find the best way to tip them over into purchasing. Sharing customer success stories through email is a perfect way of doing that.

Sharing a story rather than just a description of a product helps the customer understand how they could use it, and what it could do for them. That helps them visualize what your product will do, and that’s often when they make the decision to buy from you.

4. Personalize The Testimonials You Use

As a marketer, you most likely are already using personalization in your marketing strategy. It’s something that will really improve your sales, as you’re looking to show customers just why you’re the company for them. You can bring this strategy to your marketing email testimonials, too.

The best way to do this is to segment the customers you have on your email list, and match up the reviews you use for them. For example, if you’re sending emails to a segment made up of busy working moms, then you’ll want to use reviews from people in the same demographic.

5. Try Using Video Testimonials

We briefly covered other forms of the review above, but one that can really make an impact is video testimonials. In this day and age, many people would prefer to learn more about a service by watching a video than reading text. As this is the case, you can include these videos in your emails and make it easier for them.

You can use videos to expand more on who you are and what you do. Many companies have found success by framing videos as a way to learn more, rather than having to read a lot of text. It’s highly successful, so it’d a tactic you’ll want to consider using.

6. Combine With Other Social Proof

Reviews aren’t the only social proof that you can use. You can use several together in emails to make a greater impact.

For example, you can use data on how many other people like the customer are already using your product. When you share this data, it shows the customer that many others already have bought from and trust you as a business.

These are just a few ways you can use customer testimonials in your marketing emails. They’re a powerful tool, so try them out and see what a difference they make to your sales.

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