8 Free Explainer Video Maker for Online Marketers in [2023]

Free Explainer Video Maker for Online Marketers
8 Free Explainer Video Maker for Online Marketers in [2023]

A video can tell more than words, and that is why they are popular and relevant. Marketers are already leveraging cartoon maker options, and there is good progress for those who have found the best platforms. 

For those trying out new things, you may wonder which animation maker would make the difference in your marketing strategies. We have already seen companies advertising their software solutions as the best. 

If you are an amateur, the best thing to do is try out a few things before settling on the ultimate. We have eight options for you to pursue here. Let’s see what they have to offer marketers in general.   

Free Explainer Video Makers for Online Marketers in [2023]

1. Doratoon – The Online Animation Explainer Video Maker for Marketers in [2023]


The first recommendable option that you can run to is Doratoon. Here, you can make animated videos online by utilizing Doratoon in marketing no matter where you are since everything is web-based. All you need to do is sign up for an account and proceed to utilize the 7-day trial period. 

Here, you get access to all the features you need to make any type of video, from advertisements to informational clips. The website is compatible with different screen sizes making it easy to create and edit videos using any internet-enabled device. 

What do you get once you land on the dashboard? Some of the intuitive features involve the following:

  • A sophisticated library: There are numerous templates that you can rely on, and they are all divided into niches. So, it becomes easy to find one that you can work with or just view. The collection also consists of thousands of animated characters and free images.
  • AI dubbing: With Doratoon, you can convert text into speech if you don’t have recorded audio. It has voice samples that you can select to match your text. All you need is to type, select the voice sample and let it do the rest.
  • Path-finding: You can make an animated video online with Doratoon and make it lively, thanks to the path-finding feature. It allows the characters to move in straight, curved, or circular paths.
  • Multiple orientations: You can have your video in landscape or portrait orientations. It all depends on where you will be deploying the video after creation.
  • Ability to import: Do you have material you would like to add to the video? Doratoon will allow you to import video clips, documents, PPTs, and images.
  • Drag and drop ability: Most of the texts, characters, and animations you want to include are a matter of dragging and dropping from the menu on the left. That makes it easy to add characters and work on everything else quickly before your time runs out.
  • Multiple video formats: You can export your video in MP4 and PPT formats. The former is acceptable in most channels, so there will be no problem deploying the video.
  • Ease of sharing: Once you are done with the video, you can download it, share it directly on social media, or copy the link and embed it where necessary. If you need the video later, you can access it on Doratoon’s cloud via your account. 

2. InVideo

With InVideo, there are templates for you to take advantage of and small ads meant for business enterprises. The free plan will have watermarked videos, and you can access more than 3000 templates for the training session. 


You also get three orientations and numerous tracks for your videos. There is a limitation to the videos you can produce, though. It’s 60 HD types per month, and the length is up to 15 minutes. As you practice, it’s advisable to follow the tutorials; there are no animated characters here. Instead, what you get are real people. 

3. PowToon

Powtoon is easy to learn if you have used something like iMovie before. The interface makes it self-explanatory, and there are several effects that you can add to your video. There is also a large music selection, although you can get more if you have a paid plan. 


What you don’t get here is a way to convert your images into cartoons, but you can do that externally and add the images on the platform. The same applies to other images if you don’t find a suitable one from the Flickr selection. 

The free plan will also not give you videos in HD, and you will get a PowToon branding on it after downloading. 

4. Visme

Visme makes it easy to create explainer videos for marketers since it’s mostly about dragging and dropping. There are customized templates and animated characters as well to try out. 


You are allowed to customize a video to suit your marketing intentions thanks to the multiple color selection and the ability to import different materials. If you need any help with video creation, there are tutorials and blogs to give you the boost you require. 

The templates here are mostly a mixture of animations and real videos with added text effects. 

5. RawShorts

RawShots gives you four ways to create your explainer videos, and there is an AI option to convert text into video. All you need is to enter the text or the URL, and the platform will do the rest. 


While there is a variety to peruse, there are limited ways to edit, making it hard for anyone who would like to customize. There are horizontal, vertical, and square-sized videos for you, which also applies to the ones you will be making. 

The four ways to make videos include exploiting the explainer templates, whiteboard, individual scenes, and full scenes. The AI option makes it one of the most expensive platforms you can get if you subscribe to a plan. 

6. Biteable

Biteable is another online explainer video maker; there are templates for that niche on the website. More materials include animation styles and designs that suit any marketing video. 


You can select the scenes to edit as you create the video at the bottom of the working bench. On the other hand, the numerous animation styles make it hard to customize a video for the first timers since it’s hard to choose the ones that rhyme. 

In general, what you get here are clean and effortless designs.

7. Wideo

Wideo will also allow you to create explainer videos online for free. There is, however, limited material for you to use, from the animated templates to the characters and editing features. If you want them all, you have to subscribe to one of the plans. 

8 Free Explainer Video Maker for Online Marketers in [2023]

You will, however, still enjoy the smart images and icons available. The interface also conforms to modern expectations, and it’s quite easy to learn. One notable thing is that if you get the basic plan, it will get you one-minute clips.

8. Vyond

We have Vyond as the last option. It’s the new face for those who knew GoAnimate before. It’s another versatile online platform that marketers can utilize, thanks to the numerous animated characters, templates, outfits, and even facial expressions on the characters. 


You can also go ahead to animate what you need, and you can select the scenes via the timeline specification at the bottom. It also allows you to import other files for more customization. The limitation we find here regards limited character movement options.

Final Thoughts 

As you begin the New Year, you have options to go for as a marketer who needs to create explainer videos. If you are trying something new, you can start with Doratoon to see how it works. 

The other options are viable, too, but you will meet various abilities and flaws. In the end, what you require is an explainer video maker that will give you the video that makes a difference this year. The options above, starting with Doratoon, will truly suffice.

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