Video Streaming Market – A Pool Of Bonanza

Video Streaming Market
Video Streaming Market - A Pool Of Bonanza

The pandemic has given all of us an opportunity to spend time with the family at home. Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, etc., have become buzzwords among people. These platforms carried away the boredom of lockdown with the good content available on it.

Video streaming has taken the globe by storm in recent years. The video streaming market has gained incredible growth in recent times. It is a kind of media streaming in which the content is sent over the internet and delivered to the remote user.

In this blog, let us discuss various factors related to the video streaming domain.

What is video streaming?

The word streaming means the data transmission from the storage to another source with the help of the internet. The data which is transmitted includes video, audio, images, etc.

The video streaming platform renders a continuous process, in which video and audio are transmitted to give an optimized user experience. During the process of data transmission, the data/video is sent in a compressed format to the user’s device.

The user of the data needs a video player in order to decompress the video and make it ready for the purpose of watching. Owing to this, the video streaming industry is widening in the current times.

The popularity of has been fuelled because video streaming is currently used in many segments such as education, entertainment, customer engagement, brand building, or customer support.

You must be wondering how this process of video streaming work. To know that answer, you have to read further-

  • The recorded video gets stored in the cloud server.
  • When the viewer clicks on the video, the cloud server gets the request to transmit the content on the user’s device.
  • Further, the video file gets divided into the steaming video and audio data packets.
  • The protocol for the transmission such as UDP (User Datagram Protocol) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is utilized to fulfill the purpose of transmission over a network.
  • The high internet speed is extremely essential on the viewer’s end and in case of low internet speed, the data streaming will be interrupted which adversely affects the user experience.

Furthermore, with the rising growth in the global video streaming market, these platforms are becoming part and parcel of people’s life. Also, the demand for video streaming platforms is also rising owing to the various advantages: –

Eliminate the hustle to download

The most advantageous factor about video streaming services is that there is no requirement to download the video you want to watch. When the user wants to watch the video, they have to click on the ‘play’ button on the streaming platform.

Few of the platforms also provide the option of downloading to the user.
Let us understand how a video stream is different from downloading.

While streaming the whole parts of videos are transmitted, encoded, and decoded. On the other hand, downloading the whole video file from the user’s device is downloaded to be played.

Witness the vibrant beauty of HD videos

The video platforms can opt to render more than one kind of resolution on their platform. High-resolution requires faster internet connectivity for the seamless stream of the video. Also, at the low internet speed, low-resolution videos can be played easily.

Impressive Cloud Storage

In the case of entertainment houses that need to go digital do not have to worry about investing in physical servers. They can easily store the data on cloud servers. Moreover, the storage is expandable and available for anyone at an optimal cost.

Eliminate the threat of piracy

One of the major benefits of the expanding video streaming market is that it reduces the threat of piracy. The reason for this is the availability of subscriptions at very lower prices.

Due to this, the user doesn’t have to download a pirated version of videos of their favorite shows. The cheap subscription charges to fabricate the video streaming app are encouraging people to invest in this.

Get instant access

The availability of cloud storage makes it very convenient for the business to stream video content to users. Online video platforms can have servers near the targeted geographic locations for easy and quick streaming.

Although, lack of bandwidth, slower performance, issues of copyrights, device compatibility, network latency, etc are a few factors that are acting as market constraints in the video streaming industry.

Furthermore, with the amalgamation of technology, challenges or technological barriers can be eliminated. Various technologies are being taken in the use to improve video streaming. A few of the technologies are written below.

1. Transcoding

Transcoding is the process of re-encoding the current video file into different formats. This simply means that various copies of the different qualities are made.

The process makes it possible to accommodate a diverse range of bandwidth situations, as well as, playback on various devices.

2. HTTP live streaming

This is one of the most widely used video streaming protocols. It is used for both live streaming and on-demand streaming. The prominent advantage of HTTP live streaming is that all the devices are connected to the internet.

3. Content Delivery Network

If you are willing to stream content to a wide audience in various locations or to people who are far away from the place where the video is stored, a content delivery network is recommended.

4. Storage

Organizations are able to choose where video content is stored, which is often done by those with stringent compliance needs and security.

Apart from this, let us now discuss how video streaming platforms are fabricated in the global video streaming market.

If you want to create a video streaming platform that has the latest technology catering to the needs of its target viewer, you have to pick up the accurate monetization method for streaming video platforms.

There are various market players in the market and opting for one perfect company is an imperative step.

Let us now discuss the key features of a successful and impeccable online video platform. There are plenty of features that a video streaming platform must have.

1. 3rd Party Service Integration

Every service and feature that you are wishing to inculcate in the video streaming platform. If you want, you can utilize an application programming interface which is called API, to integrate 3rd party programs and tools.

2. Cloud Hosting & On-Premise Hosting

A plethora of companies prefer to host data on the cloud, even then there a few companies which prefer hosting on-premise.

3. In-Built Video Content Management System

The content presentation is important as having the in-demand content where you are able to create a streaming website. A CMS organizes the content by language, category, and other parameters.

4. HLS Video Player

Live streaming is also known as an HLS video player. This is a tool that can be used by businesses in order to deliver video and audio to a large audience through the internet.

Some other prominent features are multiple monetization models, video security, video marketing, video analytics, and free trials. To stay ahead and perform efficiently, these are some important features trending in the video streaming market.

In a Nutshell

It is quite evident that the video streaming market is going to flourish in the coming decade. If you are also interested in investing in the video streaming market, it is crucial to take to go dig deep into the video streaming industry analysis.

There are research reports available that include parameters such as market growth, market constraints, leading companies, growth parameters, and the latest developments. Various companies are harnessing enormous profits and rendering remarkable services to users.

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