Promising Use Cases That Prove the Importance of AI in Manufacturing

Importance of AI in Manufacturing
Promising Use Cases That Prove the Importance of AI in Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning, robotics, and fuzzy logic have empowered manufacturers to grow their businesses exponentially with less effort and capital.

And the great thing about deploying AI solutions in your workplace is quite simple. AI development services can help you take your production line to the next level even if you are not tech-savvy.

AI has proven its capabilities to impact your manufacturing business at every stage.

Don’t you believe us?

Let’s see a few cases where AI has proven its importance in manufacturing.

Examples of Importance of AI in Manufacturing

Product Design

Product designing is a task that needs to analyze numerous things like client feedback, previously designed products, the journey of the product, and the objective to design the product. Keeping all these things in mind is a task itself for an employee.

On the other hand, AI thrives on information. Thus, it performs better with more information. AI helps the product designer to think out of the box and give a different perspective to the design.

Planning Efficiency

Planning is a task that is kind of repetitive. You need to strategize the weekly, monthly, and annual manufacturing plans. And that’s where AI can help you with its automatization.

AI recognizes the resources you have and plan manufacturing accordingly for maximum efficiency. It helps you cut down the cost you used to pay for resources you do not need.

Most small businesses plan their production according to the resources, but AI has turned the table. It helps them to manage the resources according to their production need. So, if you are one of those businesses, implementing AI solutions to plan your production can be a financially wise decision.

Quality Assurance

Now you must know the importance of the quality of your production for a successful business. Even a tiny defect can lead to losing the brand’s reputation. Therefore, you must ensure that every product is 100% defect free.

Having that said, spotting minute defects in the production line with a human eye is not the most reliable way to quality assurance. However, AI is the tool you need. It can spot even microscopic defects by setting up cameras at particular stages on the assembly line.

Failure Prediction

One of the greatest losses that manufacturers face is downtime due to failure. It might feel like the breakdown was sudden, but in general, the breakdowns happen when you fail to notice multiple alarms.

These alarms might be too subtle to be noticed by employees, but the case is not the same with AI. It can predict failure by noticing changes in working patterns. It analyses the history of previous failures and enhances its ability to predict any failure.

Predictive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to running a smooth production process. Now, there must be too many machines and equipment that you can not track the maintenance cycle of individual equipment.

To add to this, sometimes the equipment needs untimely maintenance that you did not expect.

Thus, AI can track the maintenance cycle for all the equipment individually and analyze the vitals to notice if any equipment needs maintenance irrespective of the scheduled maintenance.

This helps you avoid accidents and make sure the equipment is capable to function as desired.

Production Line Synchronization

A production line has many stages interlinked to create the best quality product. If any of the stages is not synchronized with the next stage, the entire production line disrupts causing a significant loss.

Therefore, to avoid the domino effect in the production line, you need to make sure that every stage is fine-tuned with each other. Generally, by the time your employee detects that a particular process is out of sync, it is too late

And here comes the AI into the picture. With machine learning, AI can track the functioning of every stage in real time and tweak the process to be in-line.

Production Line Optimization

Once the AI has detected some abnormality in a stage, it automatically optimizes the entire production line accordingly with the AIoT so that the expected production time does not get delayed.

Without the help of AI, optimizing the production line to compensate for the delay/malfunctioning could be an overwhelming task, and even after the best effort, it might not be as effective.

And not only that, but once the issue resolves, the AI can automatically bring the production line into its normal flow.

Market Forecasting

Market forecasting is crucial in deciding the price for your product. The price depends on the present demand and supply curve in the market. Therefore, fixing the rate of your product is a critical task that might risk your business hefty losses if done wrong.

However, AI has revolutionized how businesses used to decide on selling prices. Now, AI can not only study the present market scenario, but it can also study the market trend and predict the future quite accurately.

It has saved a lot of money for the business owners and has brought transparency to the process too.

Inventory Control

Managing inventory is like walking on a thin line. A bit less stock and you could lose a deal due to insufficient inventory, and a bit more stock and you have to sell out the products at a lower price.

Now, as we discussed that AI can study the market better, it manages the optimum inventory according to the demand for the product and the sales records.


Looking at the present industry trends, we can assure you that if you have to make your place in this competitive market, you have to integrate AI sooner or later.

Furthermore, technology is evolving every passing day therefore, it is opening up new possibilities for implementation and making your life easy as a manufacturer.

So, if you do not want to miss the bus, reach out to iFour to get an AI solution personalized for your business requirements specifically.

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