How Start-Ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing Image Annotation

How Start-Ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing Image Annotation
How Start-Ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing Image Annotation

The new-age businesses and start-ups can utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning as significant tools in operations, provided they are supported by an efficient team that can handle data annotation. For instance, you can’t build an AI algorithm for automated driving without appropriate image annotation.

However, it requires an advanced infrastructure setup and skilled resources to establish a department capable of providing high-quality image annotation output while maintaining accuracy and speed. Creating such a team in-house is an expensive affair, certainly so for a start-up

Here’s a quick guide on how to deal with this problem by outsourcing image annotation services.

The Dilemma in Outsourcing Image Annotation Services 

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are reluctant to integrate image annotation in daily business operations as they find it challenging to initiate and run a department for the job.

It involves the cost of infrastructure, hiring and training manpower, and other related expenses. While all these concerns are genuine, there are certain misconceptions that are responsible for start-ups that hold back from outsourcing image annotation services:

1. Capital Investment

Start-ups are under pressure to limit expenses. Any department set up in-house is better for controlling costs, which is a general mindset. It is one of the major misconceptions that restrict hiring image annotation services.

You need to consider that you have to hire and train staff for the in-house annotation process. You also need to acquire advanced hardware and software that is capable of processing large amounts of data, along with the general infrastructure.

It will take time to gather all this and begin operations, then you also need moderation as per requirement. So, contrary to the above myth, in-house image annotation is an expensive option. 

2. Data Security Concern

As a start-up, you might be reluctant to outsource any data-related operations. Data leakage and its consequences play a crucial role in this decision, rightly so, as you do not want to hamper your image and operations with penalties.

Engaging image annotation services is a safe option as these collaborations are governed by confidentiality agreements and contracts. Moreover, outsourcing firms follow strict data security rules. They follow advanced encryption and firewall technologies to prevent threats.

3. Communication Concerns

There is a concern regarding language differences and client communication amidst start-ups that leads to shelving the decision to outsource annotation tasks.

However, practically English has evolved as a global communication tool, so such language barriers do not exist. You can discuss communication concerns with your service partner beforehand and analyze their mechanism.

4. Capability Consideration

Image annotation requires skills and experience. Most start-ups feel that their in-house staff will be more suitable to do the job as they have a better understanding of the situation. Again, the practicality is different; training staff for efficient image annotation tasks takes a lot of time and resources.

When you outsource image annotation, you get access to trained and experienced staff. These professionals can begin operations immediately and save you from the loss of time and resources.

5. Quality and Accountability

Another misconception is about quality control and supervision. Start-ups believe they can more efficiently supervise and maintain the quality of image annotation carried out in-house.

However, on the contrary, when you outsource image annotation tasks, the output quality is better. Moreover, your outsourcing partner is responsible for the supervision with assured quality maintenance.

Image annotation service providers are experienced with the quality requirements of different sectors, and they happily accept the accountability for the project.

How Outsourcing Helps Fresh Ventures Handle Image Annotation Tasks

A lot is at stake during the initial phase of start-ups. They are under pressure to produce an efficient product or service. New ventures can utilize AI and machine learning as significant tools in development.

How Outsourcing Helps Fresh Ventures Handle Image Annotation Tasks

But it requires capital, time, and investment. Particularly in the initial phase, it can cause a diversion from core focus areas. If you wish to establish an in-house data annotation department, that will be an additional pressure on your resources.

Outsourcing image annotation tasks relieves you from this pressure. Engaging an external image annotation agency can help you in the following ways:

1. Ease of Management

Image annotation is a sensitive task. Small mistakes can lead to the failure of expensive AI and machine learning models. If you establish an in-house department, it will require diligent supervision and analysis.

All of this occupies a large portion of the entrepreneur’s time, along with efforts. For start-ups, leaders need to focus on core responsibilities. But, in the case of in-house image annotation, key management has to be involved to maintain quality standards as well as troubleshooting.

They are responsible for managing the team of annotation experts, supervising tasks, analyzing the output, and rectifying mistakes.

When you outsource image annotation to an eligible service provider, the core management can devote more time to strategy and development goals. Assigning annotation tasks to third-party service providers helps you streamline the management and maintain quality. 

2. Scalability

Start-ups can have different annotation demands at different stages of development. In case of an increase in annotation demands, the in-house team may feel overburdened, or you may need to hire and train additional staff.

But, if the requirement decreases or you need to temporarily halt annotation activities, the employees and resources would still require maintenance.

Engaging image annotation services allow you the freedom to expand or stop operations as needed. So, you need not worry about infrastructure or hiring staff. As a start-up, your machine learning model demands keep changing as you grow, so flexibility can be very advantageous.

3. Access to Trained Professionals

Hiring and training staff for image annotation is a daunting task. Annotation requires a level of competency and skills. You must train staff according to the project’s needs and the tools involved.

They should also be acquainted with the required quality standards. Engaging image annotation services relieves you from the hassle of hiring and training human resources. It gives you access to experienced experts that can understand your data requirements and quality.

4. Economical Viability

Financial flow is one of the significant pressures that start-ups face. The key to any new venture’s success is managing the investment efficiently. They are also under investor’s scrutiny. When you outsource image annotation, it saves your resources and capital. Intelligent money management also gains you more investment.

Whereas in-house annotation will require software, tools, and basic infrastructure. You are also needed to train the team to achieve the right output. Apart from this, you need to monitor and analyze the mistakes. Image annotation service providers can offer you customized plans as per your requirements. All this results in saving cost and time.


Considering the expanding scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business operations, integrating annotation in your start-up would be a futuristic choice.

Annotation can give you a competitive edge by utilizing tools like autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, robots, and more. As a start-up, outsourcing image annotation tasks will help you take advantage of this technology without costing much. 

Author Bio:
Jeffrey Keith is a content strategist & a technology enthusiast working at SunTec.AI, a leading data annotation company. He has extensive experience writing about various transforming and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In his spare time, he loves to explore and learn about new tools and technologies shaping the various industries- data science, eCommerce, robotics, and healthcare, among others.

He keeps himself updated on all the new trends, innovations, and advancements happening around AI/ML technologies and pens down her knowledge to present well-researched and informative articles to help businesses leverage these technologies to their advantage. Other than writing, he loves to read new books and travel in his free time.

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