Most Popular Construction Service Keywords List in [2023]

Most Popular Construction Service Keywords List in [2023]

Looking for the top Google search construction service keywords? We’ve got you covered! below you can see the most popular construction service keywords. Whether you’re looking for PPC keywords or SEO keywords, we’ve gathered the best topic for you.

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We’ll also tell you how competitive each construction service keyword is and its average cost for ads to help you pick the best ones for your campaigns.

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Seed Keywords

Seed keywords typically represent the core concepts or ideas related to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run an online store selling running shoes, your seed keywords might include “running shoes,” “athletic shoes,” “sports shoes,” and so on. 

By using these seed keywords, you can generate more specific long-tail keywords or variations that are relevant to your target audience and help improve your website’s search visibility.

Here is a list of seed keywords for construction service business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
2Home renovation1,000,000+$2.56Medium
4General contractor300,000+$3.23High
5Commercial construction200,000+$2.88High
6Building construction100,000+$2.42High
7House building80,000+$2.35Medium
29Kitchen remodeling5,000+$3.67High
30Bathroom remodeling5,000+$3.45High
31Home addition5,000+$3.72High
32Deck construction5,000+$2.89High
34Masonry contractor5,000+$3.21High
35Roof repair5,000+$4.29High
36Electrical contractor5,000+$3.67High
37Plumbing contractor5,000+$3.23High
38HVAC contractor5,000+$4.18High
39Paint contractor5,000+$2.54High
40Flooring contractor5,000+$2.61High
41Fence installation5,000+$2.39High
42Custom home builder5,000+$3.57High
43Building renovation5,000+$2.56Medium
44Green building1,000+$3.82Medium
45Sustainable construction1,000+$4.11Medium
46LEED certification1,000+$4.02Medium
47Construction management1,000+$4.56High
48Pre-construction planning1,000+$4.22High
49Project management1,000+$3.97High
50Cost estimating1,000+$3.79High

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. Example: “vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies” instead of “chocolate chip cookies.”

Here is a list of long tail keywords for contractor company

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1General contractor near me10,000+$3.45High
2Residential contractor5,000+$3.67High
3Commercial contractor5,000+$3.21High
4Roofing contractor near me5,000+$4.29High
5Home renovation contractor5,000+$3.89High
6Construction company near me5,000+$3.56High
7Building contractor near me5,000+$3.67High
8Custom home builder near me5,000+$3.57High
9Home addition contractor5,000+$3.72High
10Kitchen remodeling contractor5,000+$3.67High
11Bathroom remodeling contractor5,000+$3.45High
12Electrical contractor near me5,000+$3.67High
13Plumbing contractor near me5,000+$3.23High
14HVAC contractor near me5,000+$4.18High
15Painting contractor near me5,000+$2.54High
16Flooring contractor near me5,000+$2.61High
17Masonry contractor near me5,000+$3.21High
18Concrete contractor near me5,000+$2.97High
19Roof repair contractor near me5,000+$4.29High
20Siding contractor near me5,000+$3.35High
21Windows contractor near me5,000+$3.89High
22Doors contractor near me5,000+$3.16High
23Home improvement contractor near me5,000+$3.78High
24Fence installation contractor5,000+$2.39High
25Deck construction contractor5,000+$2.89High
26Paving contractor near me5,000+$2.73High
27Demolition contractor near me5,000+$2.91High
28Excavation contractor near me5,000+$2.59High
29Landscaping contractor near me5,000+$2.39High
30Stucco contractor near me5,000+$2.47High
31Gutters contractor near me5,000+$2.96High
32Insulation contractor near me5,000+$2.84High
33Masonry repair contractor near me1,000+$3.21High
34Metal roofing contractor near me1,000+$4.19High
35Residential roofing contractor1,000+$4.32High
36Asphalt paving contractor near me1,000+$2.73High
37Concrete foundation contractor near me1,000+$3.97High
38Siding repair contractor near me1,000+$3.33High
39Window repair contractor near me1,000+$4.03High
40Drywall installation contractor near me1,000+$2.66High
41Interior painting contractor near me1,000+$2.54High
42Exterior painting contractor near me1,000+$2.58High
43Kitchen remodeling contractor near me1,000+$3.67High
44Bathroom remodeling contractor near me1,000+$3.45High
45Tile installation contractor near me1,000+$3.23High
46Brick and stone repair contractor near me1,000+$3.17High
47Patio and walkway installation contractor1,000+$2.99High
48Deck repair contractor near me1,000+$2.89High
49Fence repair contractor near me1,000+$2.66High
50Home renovation contractor near me1,000+$3.89High

Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords are search terms used by users with an intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. 

These keywords often indicate a strong interest in buying a product or service. Example: “buy iPhone 13 online”.

Here is a list of commercial intent keywords for home building business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1New home builders10,000+$5.21High
2Home construction companies5,000+$4.87High
3Custom home builders5,000+$6.32High
4Home building contractors5,000+$4.92High
5Luxury home builders5,000+$6.41High
6Home building services5,000+$4.59High
7House construction5,000+$4.67High
8New construction homes5,000+$5.18High
9Residential construction companies5,000+$4.92High
10House building contractors5,000+$4.92High
11Affordable home builders1,000+$4.09High
12Modern home builders1,000+$6.05High
13Green home builders1,000+$5.41Medium
14Energy-efficient home builders1,000+$5.13Medium
15Smart home builders1,000+$6.49Medium
16New home construction cost1,000+$4.97High
17New home construction loans1,000+$8.33Medium
18New home construction financing1,000+$7.02Medium
19New home construction mortgages1,000+$6.86Medium
20New home construction companies near me1,000+$5.42High
21New home construction builders near me1,000+$5.33High
22New home construction contractors near me1,000+$5.09High
23New home construction services near me1,000+$4.87High
24New home construction estimates1,000+$5.21High
25New home construction companies in [City/State]1,000+$5.43High
26New home construction builders in [City/State]1,000+$5.34High
27New home construction contractors in [City/State]1,000+$5.09High
28New home construction services in [City/State]1,000+$4.87High
29New home construction estimates in [City/State]1,000+$5.21High
30Home design and build1,000+$4.92High
31Home building companies1,000+$4.87High
32Build a custom home1,000+$5.86High
33Design and build a house1,000+$4.92High
34New home construction timeline1,000+$4.58Medium
35New home construction process1,000+$5.24High
36New home construction checklist1,000+$3.89Medium
37New home construction tips1,000+$4.32Medium
38New home construction materials1,000+$3.97Medium
39New home construction flooring options1,000+$3.89Medium
40New home construction roofing options1,000+$4.28Medium
41New home construction exterior options1,000+$3.97Medium
42New home construction interior options1,000+$3.78Medium
43New home construction kitchen options1,000+$4.33Medium
44New home construction bathroom options1,000+$4.21Medium
45New home construction lighting options1,000+$4.32Medium
46New home construction landscaping options1,000+$4.01Medium
47New home construction garage options1,000+$4.11Medium
48New home construction basement options1,000+$3.89Medium
49New home construction HVAC options1,000+$5.28Medium
50New home construction appliances options1,000+$3.98Medium

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by users seeking information or answers on a specific topic. 

They generally start with words like “how,” “what,” “why,” or “where.” For example, “how to bake a cake” is an informational intent keyword, as the user is looking for information on cake baking.

Here is a list of informational intent keywords for construction service business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1What does a general contractor do?10,000+$2.86High
2How to choose a contractor5,000+$3.45High
3Contractor vs builder5,000+$3.21High
4What is construction management?5,000+$3.56High
5What is a construction project manager?5,000+$3.23High
6What is design-build construction?5,000+$3.45Medium
7What is construction estimating?5,000+$2.97Medium
8What is a construction consultant?5,000+$3.33High
9What is a construction supervisor?5,000+$2.91High
10What is a construction foreman?5,000+$3.21High
11What is a construction superintendent?5,000+$3.67High
12What is a construction subcontractor?5,000+$2.76High
13What is a construction trade?5,000+$2.45High
14How to become a general contractor1,000+$3.78Medium
15How to find a good contractor1,000+$3.23Medium
16How to estimate construction costs1,000+$2.98Medium
17How to hire a contractor1,000+$3.56Medium
18How to negotiate with contractors1,000+$3.23Medium
19How to manage a construction project1,000+$3.45Medium
20How to oversee a construction project1,000+$3.21Medium
21What are the phases of construction?1,000+$3.78Medium
22What are construction materials made of?1,000+$2.56Medium
23What are common construction techniques?1,000+$2.91Medium
24What are the different types of construction contracts?1,000+$2.89Medium
25What are the different types of construction insurance?1,000+$3.33Medium
26What are construction permits and why are they necessary?1,000+$2.89Medium
27What are the risks involved in construction?1,000+$2.76Medium
28What are some common construction problems?1,000+$3.21Medium
29What are some common construction defects?1,000+$2.98Medium
30What are some common construction safety hazards?1,000+$2.91Medium
31What are construction change orders?1,000+$3.45Medium
32What are construction liens and how do they work?1,000+$3.67Medium
33What are construction bonds and why are they needed?1,000+$3.56Medium
34What are construction specifications and why are they important?1,000+$3.23Medium
35What is a building code and why is it important?1,000+$2.56Medium
36What is construction scheduling?1,000+$3.78Medium
37What is construction project documentation?1,000+$3.45Medium
38What is construction project closeout?1,000+$3.21Medium
39What is construction project financing?1,000+$3.89Medium
40What is construction project administration?1,000+$3.56Medium
41What is the role of a construction estimator?1,000+$3.23Medium
42What is the role of a construction manager?1,000+$3.67Medium
43What is the role of a construction engineer?1,000+$3.56Medium
44What is the role of a construction inspector?1,000+$3.21Medium
45What is the role of a construction project coordinator?1,000+$3.45Medium
46What is the role of a construction project director?1,000+$3.78Medium
47What is the role of a construction project sponsor?1,000+$3.89Medium
48What is the role of a construction project stakeholder?1,000+$3.67Medium
49What is a construction dispute and how is it resolved?1,000+$3.45Medium
50What are construction arbitration and mediation?1,000+$3.56Medium
51What is the difference between construction and building?1,000+$2.76Medium
52What is the difference between renovation and remodeling?1,000+$2.89Medium
53What is the difference between residential and commercial construction?1,000+$3.21Medium
54What are some common building materials?1,000+$2.56Medium
55What are some green building materials and techniques?1,000+$3.78Medium
56What is LEED certification and why is it important?1,000+$3.23Medium
57What is sustainable construction and why is it important?1,000+$3.45Medium
58What are some common construction tools and equipment?1,000+$2.98Medium
59What are some construction technology trends?1,000+$3.67Medium
60What are some common construction software applications?1,000+$3.56Medium
61What are some common construction safety regulations?1,000+$2.91Medium
62What is OSHA and why is it important in construction?1,000+$3.45Medium
63What are some common construction trade organizations?1,000+$3.23Medium
64What are some common construction publications and resources?1,000+$3.67Medium
65What are some common construction project case studies?1,000+$3.78Medium
66What are some common construction project success stories?1,000+$3.56Medium
67What are some common construction project failures and how to avoid them?1,000+$3.23Medium
68What are some common construction project management tools and techniques?1,000+$3.45Medium
69What are some common construction project collaboration tools and techniques?1,000+$3.67Medium
70What are some common construction project documentation tools and techniques?1,000+$3.78Medium

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