How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways

Instagram Giveaways
How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways

When you open your Instagram, you must have seen various giveaway posts. So what are giveaways? A giveaway is just like a contest in which users have to follow specific rules made by you. In it, you give the users a free gift once they have completed the rules of the contest.

Although these giveaways are the best way for increasing your engagement, you need to increase the reach of the giveaway.

So here are some of the ways by which you can increase your reach on the Instagram giveaway.

How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways?

Following are the ways by which you can easily increase the engagement level in your Instagram giveaways-

1. Look for your target audience

The first thing for any giveaway is to know what is your target audience. The target audience is the one with which you love to get engaged. They are also the ones on whom you can have a positive impact.

You must know the interests of the audience as it will help you to decide the right gift for your audience. There are various tools and tricks by which you can get the interest of your audience. 

2. Think about the prize

When you finally know who is your ideal audience, the next thing you need to do is to think about what can you give to them. It is an important step as it will impact your engagement a lot.

Suppose you are a traveler so obviously your target audience will be the one who loves to travel. So your prize should revolve around the traveling sector and not others.

How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways

3. Think of a theme

This could be a great strategy that may work for you. Again suppose you are a traveler and want to create giveaways. The best thing for getting more engagement on your giveaway post is by creating a theme like a holiday special.

Every person wants to enjoy their holiday time and giving them a gift for their holiday will help you to increase engagement. 

4. Finding collaboration

The next best strategy for increasing your engagement is by finding the best collaborator for your giveaway post. People will engage more with giveaways that have trusted brands.

So when you get in partnership with trusted brands, your reach will automatically be doubled or tripled. 

5. Create engaging pictures of the gifts

Images give the first impression for your giveaways. If you do not upload engaging pictures in the giveaway post, you will not be able to bring much attention from users.

It is because, if the visual images are not appealing to the user, they may not click on them.

6. Videos and Gifts

Videos are the best way to get engage with the audience. You must make a perfect video for your giveaway post. If you are giving a dress in your giveaway then you can make a video in which you can show the different features, fitting, pricing, comfortable level, etc. Adding up the right video doubles the engagement level of the person.

How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways

7. Giving the right caption

Not only engaging images or videos but the right caption for your giveaway post is also very important. You will need to put engaging content as your caption starting with the engaging headline.

The next thing that you need to do is to include all the details for your giveaway. Your users have all the rights to know the information related to your giveaway.

8. Including hashtags

Hashtags have become a leading factor for getting engagement on your Instagram giveaway. If you are already using your own hashtags, then you must involve them in your content. In addition to that you can involve hashtags like #giveaways, #guveawaycontest, etc. 

9. Include the price of the giveaway

When you mention the price of the gifts in your giveaways, it will help the users to know the value of your gifts. Additionally, it will help to increase the value of your giveaway. It will result in boosting engagement on the giveaway post. 

10. Adding the link in the bio

To get more engagement your users must be able to get to the link of the post. As the link is not added to your images, you must add them in your bio. This will ease the search of the users searching for your giveaway post.

How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways

11. Providing the right promotion

Just like you need to promote your brand awareness, you also need to promote your giveaways. You must choose the right platforms for promoting your giveaways.

There are several other ways by which you can have the right promotion like proving proper hashtags, tagging the brand ambassadors, keeping up referral schemes, etc.

12. Choosing the right tool for your giveaways

It is the most crucial step in creating the giveaway. You must have a reliable and amazing tool for your giveaway. It will help you to find out the winner smoothly.

One such platform that is very commonly used by most influencers to have giveaway results is the You to gift platform. It is one of the most reliable tools and can be found on both App Store and Playstore.

Once you have chosen the right tool for you, you must choose the winner by generating the winner on the platform.

How to Increase Participation in Your Instagram Giveaways


Giveaways have become a leading factor for getting more engagement on Instagram. However, it is also crucial to have more engagement on the giveaway post.

Thus you must know your target audience and decide on the gift based on it. Start creating engaging pictures, videos, and GIFs for increasing your engagement level.

As you are not able to add the link in your images you must try to add the link to your giveaway post in your bio. This will help the users to reach the post easily. At last, you must choose the right tool for your giveaway post. 

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